indoor gardening Hello, my name is Samantha and gardening is my passion, I have loved it as long as I can remember.

One of my first memories is my Gran growing fruit in her house, her windows were always covered with different fruits growing. She used to say “strawberries prefer to grow indoors because they like the heat of the house but can still get the sun through the window, why bother with an outdoor greenhouse just make your house a greenhouse.”

My Gran is where I got my passion from and I really got into it when I was a student at college, I thought the more food I can attempt to grow in my little apartment the more I can spend on nights out and that is what I did. My college days apartment was like a jungle with me constantly moving trees around to get them in the sunny spot whilst I took my grans advice and always have different berries growing on the windowsill with different vines growing around the windows.

After college, I spent a couple of busy years working for a media company before I fell in love, got married, and started my family. We all now live in a house with a big yard so while my house still does have a lot of fruits growing around the windows (I’ll never stop doing that) I do have a big yard with a lawn that needs attention.

My 3 kids are all at school now so I am using the spare time to write this blog, everything I write in this blog is from my own personal experience and while I don’t have any gardening qualifications I do have lots of experience.

I am currently writing about all the things I have grown and techniques I have learned in my life but I am looking forward to writing about new projects that I have planned for my yard.

I hope you enjoy my blog