Ultimate Aerogarden vs Click And Grow Comparison Review

comparison review of click and grow vs aerogarden

In this Aerogarden vs Click and Grow comparison review, I am putting two of the most popular brands of indoor smart gardens head to head.

These are amazing products as they make it possible for anyone to grow herbs, greens, and some fruit and veg indoors even if you don’t have a natural light source.

They are a hydroponics all-in-one grow system that has an led light attached so all you have to worry about is them having water and they are good to go.

Who wouldn’t want to have a fresh supply of homegrown fresh produce all year round if you have kids this is an excellent way to get them involved in growing and then eating some healthy homegrown produce.

Aerogarden and Click and Grow smart gardens are awesome because:

  • Led lighting assures year-long growth
  • Kids are more likely to eat greens they have grown
  • A massive variety of seed pods is available
  • Hydroponics system so no soil is used
  • Smart gardens available for every budget

There is a massive and ever-growing range of seed pods that fit in these systems which means you can change the crops you are growing if new pods become available or you just want a change.

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In this review, I will compare the different models against each other and include some models that don’t have an equivalent comparison so read on and find out what good options are available.

Aerogarden Herbie

The Herbie by Aerogarden (paid link) is a smart garden for kids that is designed specifically with bright colors that kids or big kids who only want a 2 pod garden would find fun growing their own herbs in.

It is a hydroponic system so the seeds grow out of the water which means you avoid the hassle of using messy soil which can go a long way when kids are involved.

Herbie has an area for water underneath and an 8 watt led grow light on the top, it also comes with a supply of sponges for putting your seeds on, grow domes, a measuring cup, all the seeds, plant food and everything else you will need for successfully growing herbs hydroponically.

Whatever kit you choose for your kids it comes with a 32-page activity book so that it is fun and educational all the way from seed to harvest.

The Aerogarden Herbie edition is available with 4 different kit options:

  • Pizza Party Kit – This kit includes oregano and Genovese basil which are two traditional herbs that are used on pizzas. Grow your own herbs then make fresh pizza at harvest time using your homegrown herbs.
  • Snapdragon Puppet Show Kit – This kit includes a double snapdragon seed kit and it gives you instructions on how to make your own puppet show using the flowers you have grown in your garden.
  • Lettuce For Two Garden Kit – You will grow two romaine lettuces using this kit. The final activity is a mission to share the fresh lettuce you have grown with your pet, ideal if you have a Rabbit or some other pet that loves lettuce.
  • Mint Ice Cream Garden Kit – This kit is a fresh mint herb kit when you use this kit it will take you on an adventure that will end with you making some mint ice cream for your friends, instructions are included in the adventure booklet.

There is no comparison for the Aerogarden Herbie smart garden for kids which makes this the number 1 educational smart garden for children.

Find more details and check the price at Amazon (paid link)

Aerogarden Sprout Led  v Click And Grow Smart Garden 3

Aerogarden Sprout

The Sprout Led by Aerogarden (paid link) is a 3 pod hydroponic system which means you are able to grow 3 different seed pods which will result in 3 separate plants growing in your system. You can either grow 3 of the same plants or for a variety you can grow 3 completely different plants in the same system.

The size of this aerogarden means you can grow herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more up to a height of 10 inches whilst at the same time this smart garden is small enough to easily fit inconspicuously on your desk or kitchen countertop.

This aerogarden is available in 4 colors black, red, teal and white so you can find a color suited to most rooms.

When you use the Sprout Led it will enable you to grow your indoor garden 5 times faster than if you were using soil.

The easy to use control panel means it is very hard to go wrong when you are growing with this smart garden. This panel will remind you when to add the supplied plant food, when to add more water and you can even set the Led light on a timer so it turns on and off at the same time every day.

Did I mention all the seeds provided are GMO-free so you will be growing the healthiest, freshest produce available anywhere.


  • If you choose to grow the tomato pods you may be surprised by the number of tomatoes produced.
  • Whether you choose to grow vegetables, flowers or lettuce the results will be impressive.
  • It is very easy to grow your own veg such as bell peppers by using the grow anything kits.
  • You can buy multiple gardens and grow a massive crop.

Find more details and check the price at Amazon (paid link)

Click And Grow Smart Garden 3

The Click And Grow Smart Garden 3 (paid link) is click and grows option for a smart garden you can grow 3 seed capsules in.

Click and grow seed capsules come with a special smart soil capsule that is similar to technology used by Nasa, this means your seeds and plants get all the healthy nutrients they need and you never have to worry about adding plant food or nutrients once you start growing them.

The Smart garden 3 is available in 3 colors white, grey and beige so you should find a color that is suitable for whatever room you want to keep your smart garden in.

The Smart Garden 3 uses three powerful Led lights for its lighting system and the light arm fixture is fully adjustable which means that as your plants grow you can simply adjust the height of the lights up the way so they won’t outgrow the system.

The built-in water tank for the system has a capacity of 1.2 liters and this should be large enough to provide water to your plants for 3 weeks before you have to refill it.

This product comes with a 100% replacement warranty and 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product.


  • Very fast to sprout the seeds sometimes within 3 days so you can enjoy the fast progress.
  • Takes up hardly any space on your countertop as its comparable to a loaf of bread in size.
  • Very simple to set up and use thanks to the easy to use seed capsules.
  • Works on a 16 hour timer so you should start it at 6 am the first time you use it for optimal timing.

Find more details and check the price at Amazon (paid link)

Conclusion: Aerogarden Sprout Led  v Click And Grow Smart Garden 3

These are two good smart garden systems that have some significant differences for growing your own herbs, greens, fruit, and vegetables all year round.

The Aerogarden Sprout Led is a soilless system has a more advanced control system as it warns you when it needs water or plant food. The Click and Grow Smart garden 3 does use a special compact soil that means you don’t need to add plant food but some people say this can cause a mold problem.

Whatever one you go for you are guaranteed to be able to grow fresh produce all year round in your home.

Aerogarden harvest elite

The Aerogarden harvest Smart Garden (paid link) is the 6 seed pod option from aerogarden and has no comparison to compare it with.

This system has a very elegant compact design so that it will look good in any room and it comes in two colors red or black so you can choose the color that best fits into the design of your house. The hood of the smart garden it is an ultra-thin design and the lights in the hood supply 20 watts of power which is plenty for growing plants and herbs.   

The hood of the aerogarden harvest is adjustable up to a height of 12 inches so as your plants grow you can adjust the height which makes it possible to grow rather large plants, herbs or flowers.

This has a simple control system that illuminates when it is plugged in, it consists of three buttons and it will flash red when to get your attention for supplying the plant food or topping up the water.

Included with this garden is a seed pod kit choose from either gourmet herbs, heirloom salad greens, cascading petunias or red heirloom cherry tomatoes.


  • You will be able to grow plants even if you are terrible at gardening by using this smart garden.
  • The garden will remind you when you need to add nutrients and fill it with water.
  • The seeds do sprout very quickly and it will produce more salad than you expect.
  • You will not only benefit from having fresh salad available but you will also have a fun activity to look forward to.

Find more details and check the price at Amazon (paid link)

Aerogarden Bounty v Click and Grow Smart Garden 9

Aerogarden Bounty

The Aerogarden Bounty (paid link) has the capabilities for growing 9 seed pods and it comes supplied with the 9 part gourmet herb seed kit, in this kit you get Thai basil, curly parsley, Italian parsley, thyme, chives, mint, and Genovese basil. The seed pods in this garden are grown completely hydroponically which means there is no soil involved anywhere in the process.

This beautifully designed aerogarden is available in 4 different colors black, platinum, stainless steel and red so you can find a color that will be suitable for practically any situation.

The most amazing thing about this garden is that you can hook it up to wi-fi and monitor it on your mobile phone, this means you can check all the stats and have reminders or warnings delivered straight to your phone.

The hood that contains the led lights for this aerogarden well provide 45 watts of light to your plants, and this food can extend to 24 inches high this means the product you choose to grow will never outgrow your smart garden.

This garden is simple to use and guarantees your seeds will rapidly grow into plants that will give you a massive harvest.


  • Very simple to use and the veg and herbs produced will improve the taste of any meal.
  • Easy to set up and it really does provide an environment that will promote rapid growth.
  • The pods start to grow very quickly and possibly in as little as 2 days after you start.
  • Why not buy multiple systems and you will produce so much that you will have no choice but to share it with your friends and family.

Find more details and check the price at Amazon (paid link)

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9

The smart garden 9 by click and grow (paid link) is this company’s 9 plant option, it is available in grey, beige and white so I’m sure you can find a color that will look good in your kitchen or face or whatever room you want to put it.

This smart garden uses a smart soil that is similar to technology used by NASA, it ensures a constant release of healthy nutrients that your plant will need from seed to harvest so you don’t have to bother with applying plant feed.

All you have to do to ensure healthy plant growth is supply power for the Led lights and top up the water when required.

When you purchase this smart garden it comes with 9 complimentary plant capsules including 3 mini tomatoes, 3 green lettuce and 3 basil.

The seed pods are very simple to use is just like using a capsule coffee machine. All the seeds supplied are completely GMO-free and there are no herbicides or pesticides in this product or required to grow healthy herbs fruits and vegetables with it.

The benefits of growing your own food are that you know exactly where it comes from and you know no artificial chemicals have been used in growing the crop.


  • This indoor garden looks especially good in a dark open space on any kitchen counter.
  • Grow your own flowers and leafy greens instead of buying them.
  • This smart garden works especially well at producing plentiful tomatoes, lettuce, and strawberries.
  • Very simple to set up and use just follow the instructions and keep it topped up with water.

Find more details and check the price at Amazon (paid link)

Conclusion: Aerogarden Bounty  v Click And Grow Smart Garden 9

These are two excellent choices if you want a smart garden that will grow a sustainable amount of fruit, veg or leafy greens that you can use for everyday cooking.

I am slightly biased here because I actually own an aerogarden bounty, the thing that blew me away was the app you can use on your phone, the app doesn’t actually improve the growing but it is a good gadget to have.

If you want a new satisfying hobby I can’t recommend highly enough the fact that you should buy one of these smart gardens.

Aerogarden Farm

If you want a top of the range smart garden then the Aerogarden Farm is the best smart garden (paid link) available anywhere on the market in my opinion.

This massive smart garden is large enough that you can grow 24 individual seed pods this means you will never run out of the healthy plants you grow and you will probably have some spare that you can give to friends or neighbors.

When you grow plants with an Aerogarden it is typically 5 times faster than growing in a standard soil setup.

This smart garden will provide your plants with 60 watts of light provided from the built-in Led lights. This garden comes in 3 different sizes, it comes in 12 inches of grow height, 24 inches of growing height and also a massive 36 inches of growing height so you can grow massive plants in your home with this garden.

It comes in two colors black or white so you should pick one that best matches your interior. This smart garden is wi-fi compatible so you can receive reminders of when to top up the water or when to add the plant food directly to your phone so you never forget.


  • The lights move up and down at the touch of a button for optimum control of the lighting.
  • Indoor gardens are an addictive hobby and if you buy one you may end up buying more.
  • When you use seed pods they will normally germinate between 3 days and 2 weeks.
  • When you grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables in a hydroponic smart garden you will never want to use soil again.
  • You can grow so much in an aerogarden farm you won’t have to buy greens at the store ever again.

Find more details and check the price at Amazon (paid link)

Overall conclusion for Aerogarden vs Click and Grow

If you don’t already own a smart garden then option I recommend is you should definitely buy one as soon as possible.

In this review I have done a comparison between aerogarden and click and grow, aerogarden is probably the biggest brand in this marketplace, and click and grow is one of its main competitors.

Whilst click and grow does make good products and provide a very good range of seeds you can grow in your systems the actual choice of smart gardens is very limited compared to the massive range available from aerogarden.

Aerogarden is definitely the market leader when it comes to choice of smart garden designs available as every model they make comes in several different design options.

The seed pod range from aerogarden is also massive and very comprehensive and this means as you get bored of the plant you are going you can simply pick another option.

I cannot recommend highly enough that you just have to buy a smart garden as personally I don’t think there is anything better than growing your own fresh, healthy produce in your own home even during the winter and if you live in an area that doesn’t get that much natural light.

Every meal I cook I try to use some of my freshly grown herbs, fruit or vegetables as when you grow your own you definitely get more satisfaction when you eat it. Owning a smart garden has definitely encouraged me to start eating healthier food and cut out the junk food I was eating on a regular basis.

Every meal I cook I try to use some of my freshly grown herbs, fruit or vegetables as when you grow your own you definitely get more satisfaction when you eat it. Owning a smart garden has definitely encouraged me to start eating healthier food and cut out the junk food I was eating on a regular basis.

I am pretty sure one of the unexpected side effects I did not expect when I bought my aerogarden was the fact it has probably and hopefully added years to my life because of this new healthy diet I have unexpectedly ended up eating.

So my final advice is simple, just buy a smart garden it’s fun and healthy what have you got to lose.

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