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Baby Jade Bonsai Tree For Sale + Care Guide

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The baby jade bonsai (portulacaria afra) is also known as the small leaf jade bonsai because it has such er… small leaves.

This bonsai is definitely one of the best bonsai for anyone who is a beginner to the hobby but it’s also a great bonsai for experts who may want to create a more advanced style of bonsai and that is why I have created this baby jade bonsai tree for sale article.

This is a very hardy and versatile bonsai which means it can be grown indoors or outdoors but you may want to move it indoors for harsh winter conditions.

The reason the baby jade bonsai is great for beginners is that they are a fast-growing bonsai which means if you make a mistake and chop off a branch you later regret, your bonsai will grow quickly and recover.

These bonsai can actually go a long time without water because it has the unique ability of being able to store water in its leaves which allows you to easily see when it needs some water.

Reasons you should buy a baby jade bonsai tree:

  • Great bonsai for both beginners and experts
  • Very fast growing bonsai tree
  • Can go a long time without water
  • Can be grown indoors and outdoors

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Can a baby jade bonsai be grown indoors?

The baby jade bonsai is an incredibly versatile bonsai which means it can definitely be grown indoors or outdoors.

If you live somewhere with a cooler temperature you will have more success if you keep it as an indoor bonsai tree.

Bonsai trees make great ornamental pieces and everyone loves them so when you have visitors over they are sure to comment about how stunning your bonsai tree is.

The problem you may encounter as with any plant or tree that you choose to grow indoors is getting it enough light, but, if you keep your baby jade bonsai next to a window (especially if you have a south-facing window) it should do just fine and actually prosper as an indoor bonsai tree.

Because this variety of bonsai is so versatile you may want to move it outdoors for the summer and then move it back indoors to protect it from more harsh winter weather.

What temperature does a baby jade bonsai need?

The baby jade bonsai is actually a tropical bonsai variety so it is more likely to thrive in hotter temperatures or temperatures that are actually a pretty standard household temperature.

The ideal zones for growing a baby jade bonsai are USDA zones 10-11 however they will thrive anywhere as long as they get light and the temperature does not drop below 41F (5C).

If you want to buy a baby jade bonsai and grow it indoors I definitely wouldn’t let the temperature requirements worry you too much as they are still pretty hardy and are ideal for growing as a houseplant.

I keep my baby jade bonsai indoors along with a variety of other bonsai and it actually thrives without me having to give it any special care or attention so if you are considering one of these bonsai for growing indoors you should definitely go for it as bonsai is an incredibly satisfying hobby.

Is a baby jade bonsai a succulent?

A baby jade (portulacaria afra) is indeed a succulent plant but what does that mean?

Succulents are plants that are usually native to hotter climates and because of this they actually store water in their leaves so when you feed them water you will actually notice the leaves starting to bulge out as they soak up water.

The baby jade plant is actually native to South Africa which might explain why this plant developed into a succulent species that is capable of storing water in its branches, trunk, and leaves.

Succulent plants are actually pretty easy to take care of because if you forget to water it there really isn’t much to worry about unless you forget to water it for an extended period of time.

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How often to water a baby jade bonsai?

When it comes to watering, baby jade bonsai are unlike any other bonsai tree that I have come across.

Most bonsai need constant watering every two days or even every day during the hot summer months but not the baby jade bonsai.

Because the baby jade is succulent and it actually stores water in its trunk, branches, and leaves, this means you don’t have to water it anywhere as often as a standard bonsai tree.

This is how often you should water your jade bonsai during different seasons:

  • Summer – water baby jade bonsai every two weeks during the hot summer months.
  • Winter – only water your baby jade bonsai once per month during the cooler winter months.

You definitely don’t want to overwater a baby jade bonsai as you will cause root rot to develop and when this happens leaves or even full branches will fall off and the very survival of your bonsai may be at risk.

You should only water your baby jade bonsai when it needs it and it’s easy to tell when it needs to be watered, the leaves will start to shrivel up.

When you water it the leaves will become larger and look puffy and full again, that’s the advantage of succulents you can literally see when they need water.

How much light does a baby jade bonsai need?

Although a baby jade bonsai can be kept indoors the one thing about it is that it does absolutely love the sun, it just can’t get enough of it.

Having said that, if you keep your bonsai in a bright room positioned so that the sun actually shines on it for at least 2-3 hours per day you can still grow baby jade bonsai that will thrive.

What sort of light does a baby jade bonsai need?

With some bonsai trees, you need to limit the amount of direct sun they receive but not the baby jade bonsai, this variety of bonsai loves the sun and if you can position it so that the sun shines directly on it all day every day then that is the best place for it.

Most people will be able to find a space on a windowsill for growing a baby jade bonsai and if you can manage that you will have no worries.

If your jade bonsai is not getting enough sunlight you will notice red starting to appear on the tips or around the edges of the leaves, so, if you notice that you definitely want to think about repositioning your tree.

If you think you may struggle to get enough light you can always use a Led light to give it a boost so check out my article on cheap led grow lights that work.

Will a baby jade bonsai need fertilizer?

Like all plants that are grown in pots, a baby jade bonsai will definitely need to be fertilized on a regular basis to keep it growing strong and healthy.

Regular use of fertilizer is required because potted plants will use up all the nutrients that are in the soil quite quickly and the easiest remedy for this is to use fertilizer.

If you don’t use fertilizer you would have to replace the soil approximately once per month so that your plant gets the nutrients it needs and that is just a silly idea.

You should alter the amount of fertilizer you give your baby jade bonsai depending on the season:

  • Summer – During the growing season, you should fertilize your baby jade every 2 weeks.
  • Winter – During the winter months, you should reduce the fertilizer you give your baby jade to once per month.

If you follow these instructions you will end up growing a thriving baby jade bonsai tree.

What is the best fertilizer for a baby jade bonsai?

So you definitely will have to use fertilizer on your baby jade bonsai but what is the best fertilizer for this type of plant?

There are two main options when it comes to bonsai fertilizer and they are:

Slow-release fertilizer

Slow-release fertilizer normally comes in pellets or a little cake you stick into the soil.

When you give your plant its regular feed of water the fertilizer is slowly released into the soil so you only need to add more pellets every 2 months.

This type of fertilizer would be better than nothing but I would not recommend it for a jade bonsai.

So what is the recommended type of fertilizer for a baby jade bonsai?

Liquid fertilizer concentrate

You should use liquid fertilizer on your baby jade bonsai and that is because you will have to water this variety far less than a standard bonsai.

You should follow the instructions on how much you should dilute the concentrate for the best results.

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Best time to prune a baby jade bonsai?

The best time to prune a baby jade bonsai is during the springtime, this is because your bonsai will be just entering its peak growing season for the year.

You only really want to do any major pruning during spring because it will cause a growth spurt and any cuts you make will be in the ideal conditions to quickly and healthily recover.

If branches or leaves start to grow in the wrong direction and you think they are ruining the look of your bonsai then feel free to chop them off at any time throughout the year.

The most important thing when you are creating a bonsai vision is that you only do the major pruning during the spring otherwise your bonsai may become stressed and unhealthy and when that happens it will be more susceptible to becoming infected with disease.

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How to shape a baby jade bonsai

When it comes to shaping your baby jade bonsai it is one type of bonsai that I would not recommend that you use any wiring because the branches are so brittle it’s hard to train them and the wire may cut into soft parts of the tree.

The two main tools you should use to shape your baby jade bonsai are…


When you are pruning your baby jade you should cut any long thin branches off completely where they have grown out the trunk.

This will enable your bonsai to use its energy on the main branches you want to grow and it will also encourage fresh growth on the main branches so they become bushier.


When the main branches become too long for the design you are trying to create its time to pinch them off.

Pinching off branches is simply a term for shortening the main branches on your tree.

When you pinch off main branches you will quickly notice fresh growth on what is remaining of those branches and this will make your bonsai look more full and bushy.

Will you need to re-pot a baby jade bonsai?

Your baby jade bonsai tree will grow so you will have to re-pot it approximately every second year and like all major work repotting should be carried out in the spring.

In addition to simply up-sizing the pot, I’d recommend you prune the roots, you should remove no more than 20% of the roots to keep it growing strong and healthy.

When you re-pot your baby jade bonsai you should always use a well-draining soil otherwise your tree may suffer from root rot and if that gets bad enough it could be the end of your tree.

When you re-pot your baby jade, unlike other plants, you should avoid watering it for about a week, this will let the roots dry out and your tree will appreciate the water much more when it’s time to give it a drink.

I hope you have found some useful information in this baby jade bonsai tree for sale article, if you don’t yet have a bonsai hobby there is no time to start like the present.

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