5 Cool Benefits Of Plants In Bathrooms

I’m sure most people have noticed that is very common for people to keep plants in bathrooms and there are some very good reasons why people do keep plants in bathrooms.

Even if it is not bathroom plants you are interested in most of these benefits will be the same in other areas of the house and I would always recommend you do have plants in your home for the reasons below.

Lots of plants are perfectly suited for keeping in the low light and humid environment that a bathroom will provide not to mention the excellent benefits of plants in bathrooms.

I am going to outline some of the benefits below so read on and find out what they are.

Purify The Air

Most people don’t realize that pollution levels are actually higher indoors than they are outdoors this is because all the pollution outdoors will come into your house then there is the added pollution from things like paint and detergent.

Plants are natures tool for purifying the air, they breathe in dirty air and breathe out clean air, this means if you have plants in your bathroom they will filter out any bad smells that may be lingering and this is always a good thing.

Using plants in your bathroom to purify the air is a much more environmentally friendly way to do it than using an air freshener.

A bonsai tree could be a good bathroom plant.

Increase Your Energy

Whilst having a shower in the morning does feel like it gives you a boost of energy as it wakes you up there are many studies that show having plants in your house will also lead to a boost of energy and give you an increased feeling of vitality.

This means when you have a shower in the morning and keep plants and your bathroom you’ll get a double boost of energy from a shower waking you up and the positive energy that plants will provide the room.

I always keep lots of plants in my bathroom because of this because as I am really not a morning person so anything that will give me energy at that time of day as a positive thing.

Improve The Atmosphere Of Your Bathroom

Most people would agree having plants in a room does change the energy of the room and give it a more positive vibe, lots of people don’t realize many plants are well suited to growing in a bathroom.

Most people do accumulate a fair amount of time in the bathroom from having a shower, going to the toilet, brushing teeth throughout the day.

So it definitely is a benefit to pay some attention to the atmosphere of your bathroom and I don’t feel that there is a better way to improve it than by putting some lush green plants in there.

Check out vertical garden systems that could work in a bathroom.

Help With Damp Problems

Having plants in your bathroom can actually be beneficial when it comes to stopping damp in your bathroom this is because the plants will breathe in the damp moist air and breathe out fresh air without the dampness.

When you rush out the door in the morning after having a shower it is always good to know that your plant is loving all that moisture you have left in the bathroom.

Whilst having plants in your bathroom won’t solve any major damp issues it definitely does slow down mold that can grow due to the moist atmosphere in the room.

Improve mental health

There are many studies that show having plants in your house can actually improve your mental health in a positive way.

Being around plants has been shown to actually improve communication skills and relationships, this could be because plants will give you a more positive outlook on life and people prefer being in the company of someone who has a positive outlook.

Lots of people will also find if they are in a room with plants it does actually have the effect of relieving stress and putting you a more calm and relaxing mood.

What Are The Best Plants For Bathrooms

When you’re picking plants to keep in your bathroom you’ll have to choose varieties that love to be in a moist atmosphere and will do well in low light situations.

The plants I choose to grow in my bathroom are air plants as they are near invincible, don’t need much light, you can even grow them without soil and they can survive on the moisture they pull out of the air so they are perfect for growing in bathrooms.

The second variety of plants I grow in my bathroom are Boston Ferns, they are a classic bathroom plant for good reason, they thrive in the filtered light you will get in your bathroom and they love the moist air that they will get in bathrooms.

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Cool Benefits Of Plants In Bathrooms
Cool benefits Of Plants In Bathrooms

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