Ultimate Review: 7 Best Cheap LED Grow Lights That Work

best led grow lights

So you want to buy yourself some cheap LED grow lights that work and you don’t know where to start, you have arrived at the right page so don’t panic and read on.

Grow lights have massively improved over recent years and you can now get grow lights on an affordable budget that are actually extremely effective for the amount of money you spend, unlike when LED lighting first appeared on the market and budget LED lights for indoor growing were basically junk and a waste of time.

There are many different good affordable options you will have to choose from, whether you want a complete grow lamp solution or simply a bulb to put in a lamp you already own.

Even if you already own a big fancy grow light you could always use a smaller more affordable LED light to add extra lighting to your system as you can never have too much light when it comes to indoor gardening. 

I have reviewed the 7 best options I came across when I was buying myself a cheap LED grow light so I hope this will help you make a good choice for successful growing!

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What do you need from your budget LED grow lights

Think what is important to you and what you need when you are making your decision.

  • How much can you afford to spend
  • How much space is there for a lighting system
  • What size of an area needs lighting
  • Think about the power of LEDs v electricity bill

KINGBO 50W Led Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants

 White light

This light provides full spectrum white light which means it is closer to real sunlight for your plants, compared to the red and blue LED light systems.

Your plants will sense this type of sunlike like white light and it will help promote an increased growth rate, flowering, and the germination process.

This is a complete start to finish grow light option and the fact it is white light you can use it as a room light that you just conveniently shine on your plant as a decorative feature which will boost your plants’ growth and enhance the look of any room you use it in.

Wide illumination area

The double gooseneck style of this lamp means you are able to cover a wider area than a single lamp is able to.

The fact that both goosenecks are flexible mean you can move them around (and I recommend you do) so that you can boost the light to different areas of your plants as required.

This makes it especially good for large plants where the light doesn’t cover them completely you can just move them to different angles to give different areas a boost every day.

The flexible goosenecks also mean you can move the distance of the lights closer or further away with ease and convenience.

Guarantee and warranty

Kingbo must be confident they are providing a quality product that customers will be happy with after use as they provide a 30-day money back guarantee and provide a year-long warranty.

After purchasing they provide good customer service and strive to answer emails within 24 hours so any questions or queries just get in touch with them and they will help you out.

If you don’t like the product you can easily send it back thanks to the guarantee.

[table id=1 /]


  • Very efficient delivery time normally within 2-3 days of ordering.
  • Very natural looking white led light is produced and it will promote rapid growth from your plants.
  • The flexible neck and clip mean you can clip it anywhere and reach practically any angle or position for the maximum benefits.
  • You may have to replace some bulbs after 12 months of continuous usage.

[table id=2 /]


The conclusion I have come to about the Kingbo 50W LED Dual Head Gooseneck grow light is that this is a very good budget option that does promote rapid growth for plants.

The flexible and clip-on nature of the goosenecks make this model one of the most adaptable models on the market and you can make the light hit your plants at whatever distance and angle you require with ease.

Some of the LED bulbs may start to fail after a year of solid use, you get what you pay for, for the money I would say this is an excellent option.

Miracle LED Commercial Hydroponic Ultra Grow Lite

If you have a lamp and are only looking for a bulb to put in it then the Miracle Grow Ultra Lite could be a good option, so good you might just have to buy a lamp to put this LED bulb in if you don’t already have a spare lamp about your house.

It is a bright white light and can also be used as a standard light bulb for lighting your house and no it won’t give you sunburn.

Read on and I will tell you about the features, pros and cons, specifications and I will round up what I think about this affordable LED light bulb in the conclusion.

 Ultra Low Electricity Usage

This LED light bulb only uses an amazingly low 12 watts of electricity which makes this bulb the most energy efficient bulb on the list.

This has a double effect because you are growing plants that will take nasty carbon out of the atmosphere and using ultra energy efficient light bulbs so you are helping the environment by growing plants with these light bulbs.

You could easily put these lights on a 12-hour timer every day to boost your plants and you will hardly notice any difference on your electricity bill.

This bulb will probably be the most energy efficient bulb in your house so if you buy one of these you may as well buy a multipack and use them to replace your house light bulbs as they are suitable for that purpose.

Bright White Light

The fact this is a LED bulb provides full spectrum white light means it is perfect for every variety of plant you could possibly want to grow in your house.

You could use it on a fruit tree or any other houseplant and it will help the tree but also turn it into a beautiful decoration in your room whilst it is bright enough to act as a standard lamp.

The light that this LED bulb produces is equivalent to a 150-watt standard incandescent light bulb so it is incredibly powerful for such an affordable LED light bulb.

Long lasting

The miracle LED ultra grow light bulb can last for an incredible 10 times longer than a standard light bulb.

This is an incredible performance for such a cheap LED light bulb, this means it can practically pay for itself simply by the fact you will only have to replace it one-tenth of the time compared to standard bulbs.

This light bulb also contains no mercury which means when you do eventually have to replace it you don’t have to worry about yourself or children being affected by the mercury that is in many other types of lightbulb.

[table id=3 /]


  • This led grow light works well compared to other lights in the same price range.
  • For convenience, you might want to purchase a timer to use with this light bulb.
  • Uses less energy than a standard bulb so it is possible to save money with long term use.
  • If you want a brighter light you can always use multiple bulbs as they have a lower running cost.

[table id=4 /]


The conclusion I have come to for the Miracle Grow Ultra Lite is that it is a very good bulb for the price and 98% of the people who have purchased this bulb are very happy with the performance.

I would buy this bulb just for the energy-saving performance alone which makes it an environment-friendly LED bulb and will save money on electricity bills in the long term. If you are looking for a cheap LED grow light that works this is a very good option at a very affordable price for a quality high performing single LED.

Morsen LED Grow Light 50W Clip Desk Lamp

If you want a small affordable grow lamp that has a desk clip so you can attach it wherever you want then the Morsen 50W LED desk Clip Grow Light might be the option you are looking for.

This grow light is definitely a cheap LED grow light that works well for all stages of plant growth thanks to the full spectrum light system that it puts to effective use.

In this review I will go over the best features, pros + cons, specifications and tell you the conclusion I have come to about this small grow light so read on before you make your mind up.

Full-spectrum LED light

This LED light uses full-spectrum light which means it delivers all the light your plants need for every stage of growth. It used red – best spectrum for flowering and fruiting.

It uses blue – best spectrum for vegetative growth.

It uses white – covers all spectrums in case any are missing.

It uses UV light – this sterilizes and kills bacteria.

It uses IR light – this helps with the germination and flowering process.

This LED provides the light required for every stage from germination to flowering. The IR Infrared lights may not appear very bright but most of that spectrum is invisible to the eye so believe me they will be working.

Energy-efficient LED

This is a very efficient LED grow light and it can replace the light produced of an equivalent 100W HPS light system, it is also more efficient than an incandescent or halogen lamp. This light is so energy efficient it has been said it could actually reduce your electricity usage by 80% compared to other types of grow light.

Because it is an LED full spectrum light it will have a longer life expectancy than other types of bulbs that are available on the market so you will also save money by having to replace it less often than other options.

Versatile LED light

This is a very versatile LED grow light because of its flexible gooseneck and desk clip which means you can clip it on and get it to angles and positions other lights might not be able to reach.

Whether it is flowers, fruits or vegetables you are growing this light would be an ideal choice and would definitely help promote growth and make your plant more colorful and healthy.

You could use this lamp at the office, indoor garden, balcony, dark room, greenhouse or anywhere else you want and it will do just fine and improve whatever you are growing.

[table id=5 /]


  • Excellent led light for sprouting and it also works well for indoor fruit trees.
  • The clip is a bit fiddly to get it secure in the ideal position you require.
  • This led light covers a good area with bright light so you can fit a few small plants under it.
  • You should not put your plants too close to this light as it is powerful enough to burn plants, especially seedlings.

[table id=6 /]


For its small size and cheap price, this LED lamp is a very good product that would be ideal for someone who has plants indoors.

The fact it is very energy efficient and the bulbs last so long are another factor that would make me consider buying this lamp.

The manufacturer offers a 30 money back guarantee so if you have any problems you could always send it back no problem and this always gives me peace of mind when buying budget products.

I have come to the conclusion that I would buy this LED grow lamp if I wanted one that produces pink light.

Duomishu Timer Growing Lamp for Indoor Plants

So you want a small affordable grow light that works?

The Duomishu Timer Growing Lamp for Indoor Plants might just be the LED grow light you are looking for. This is a popular choice for indoor gardeners due to the low price, affordable running costs and how versatile it is due to some of its excellent features.

This is the only LED grow light on this list that has a built-in timer which makes this an excellent little product so read on and in this full review I will tell you all about the features, specifications, and pros + cons of this light.

Built-in timer

I would say the most impressive feature for such an affordable grow light is the fact this model comes with a built-in timer, why don’t all grow lights have this important feature?

The timing feature allows you to set this light to come on for 4, 8 or 12 hours per day.

The advantage of this timer means you can go away for the weekend and you won’t have to worry if your plants are getting enough light, also, plants like a routine so it is beneficial to plant growth to have your lights going on and off at the same time every day.

A truly versatile light

This is a truly versatile small LED grow lamp due to the fact it has a desk clip, this means you can clip it on anywhere so get to angles that a standard lamp might not be able to get to.

Equally important to the versatility is the fact this model has a flexible double gooseneck this means once you have it attached somewhere you can move the lights to reach a different angle or a different section of your plant.

I would recommend you do move the lights to different positions every day so that one area isn’t getting all the light.

Quality guarantee

Another feature that makes this model stand out from the others is the fact it comes with an incredible 60 days money back guarantee and manufacturers warranty, most LED lights only come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

This grow light has been fully certified by the FCC, CE, ROHS PSE and this must be the reason why the manufacturer is confident enough to offer the extended warranty compared to others. The metal clamp and the 15-inch swivel gooseneck are of good quality and customers who purchase this light say that it stands up well to regular use.

[table id=7 /]


  • You can set the lights at different brightness levels so you don’t have to worry about burning your plants.
  • The built-in timer is an excellent feature as it means you can just set it and forget about it with no worries.
  • Promotes fresh new growth and will make existing growth turn a healthy lush green.
  • The clamp can be a bit temperamental but this led is still excellent value for money.

[table id=8 /]


This is a good option because of the timer function which means you don’t have to care for your plants every day, you can just set it and leave it.

It is not the most powerful light on this list and would maybe be a good option if you are using grow lights already and want to use this lamp as a boost to an existing setup.

For the money, I would say this is a quality little lamp that will go easy on your electricity bill so it is a good option if you are worried about extra electricity usage affecting your electricity bill.

EnerEco 100w LED Grow Light

This LED grow lamp is a big upgrade to the previous Enerco 100W model.

It is ideal for all types of plants you can grow indoors or in a greenhouse whether its flowers, bananas, tomatoes, dragon fruit or a cherry tree this budget LED grow light will do a great job at giving your plant the light required for healthy growth.

In this review, I will tell you about some of the quality features that this light has as well as the specification, pros + cons and what customers who have bought this light say so read on to find out about this cheap LED grow light that really does work.

3 spectrum lighting

This is a full spectrum LED grow lamp and it has 3 different settings for different stages of growth.

It has a blue light setting for rapid growth whilst it sterilizes your plant which can reduce diseases.

It has a red light setting for blooming which will help with germination, flowering, and fruiting.

Finally, it has a full spectrum setting where all the lights are on and this is suitable for all stages of plant growth.

This is a quality cheap LED grow light that you can successfully use for whatever stage your plant is at. Not many other LED lights have this advanced multimode setting.

Energy saving

This LED consumes a very low amount of power which is good for your electricity bill and your bank balance, it could save you quite a lot of money in the long run.

It produces an incredible 100W of power and only consumes a measly 18W of electricity which is an incredible power to electricity usage statistic.

When you use this light you can improve the environment because you are growing a healthy plant which is good for the environment whilst using less electricity compared to a standard lighting system so it is a win-win situation for the environment.

Rapid plant growth

This is a quality cheap LED grow light that really works for plant growth. The 3 settings really do promote rapid growth and improvement at whatever stage your plant is at.

Plants do like a regular schedule and with the low power consumption of this light, I would be putting this on a 12-hour timer so that it promotes rapid plant growth to the full extent of its capabilities.

Also, I would be buying aluminum reflectors and a multipack of these lights so that the rapid growth factor is multiplied by two or three times the more light the better when it comes to plant growth.

[table id=9 /]


  • An excellent led for use on fruit and vegetable plants you have moved indoors for the winter months.
  • When you order this product it will arrive promptly, sometimes earlier than expected.
  • This Led light bulb will fit in a standard socket for a normal floor lamp.
  • A very sturdy led lamp that will promote rapid growth in your plants.

[table id=10 /]


This is a really quality LED grow lamp for the money.

The 100W power is at the top of the range for what you can get from lights at this budget level.

The 3 modes do make it ideal for whatever stage your plant is at and the full spectrum mode is good for maximum light exposure.

This is one of the grow lights with the best build quality at this level as is comes from a quality company EnerEco and they do care about the environment which is probably why the power usage is so low compared to the power output of this model.

Relassy 300W LED Grow Light Panel

I have included this LED grow light panel on the list because although it is not quite as cheap as the smaller lights, it is still cheap on the grander scale of LED grow light prices and it definitely works.

This light would be suitable if you have multiple plants in an indoor garden setup rather than one individual plant where you want a spotlight to shine on it.

This light is actually incredible value and quality for what you get, there is no way I could leave it off this list, so read on and I’ll tell you more about it.

More for your money

This light is the biggest on the list and it can easily cover a 3 x 3 feet area, it has a massive 338 LED lights which enables it to replace the equivalent of a traditional 300W HPS light and reduce your energy use at the same time.

The area covered and the power of this light means it would take 5 or 6 of the smaller lights on this list to match its awesome capabilities.

Auto timer feature

The timer on this light means your plants don’t need attention every day you can simply set the timer and it will turn on and off at the same time every day for a period of 4, 8 or 12 hours. This means you can set it and go away for the weekend and you won’t have to worry about your plants getting the required light.

Unlike the timer on other cheaper models, this one is very good quality and does function like it is supposed to with no worries.

Quality build with an extended warranty

This model really is a step up in terms of build quality and performance.

The manufacturer is so confident of the quality of this LED light panel it offers a 3-year warranty and a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee because they know you will be happy with this light when you receive it.

This should give you the confidence to try this light knowing you will have no problems if you want to return it and get a refund.

[table id=11 /]


  • Excellent Led for a herb garden or fruit trees that have been moved indoors for the winter.
  • The timer is a good feature that makes this led more usable than many other models.
  • A very well made led light that is excellent value for the very reasonable price.
  • The power cord isn’t very long so you might want to invest in an extension.

[table id=12 /]


The conclusion I have come to about the Relassy 300W LED Grow Light Panel is that is does provide an incredible amount of light for the money.

The size of the area this light covers makes it suitable for a small indoor garden with multiple plants which means you don’t need lots of individual spotlights if you have multiple plants.

This light is such incredibly good value that I have purchased one for myself as I feel it is perfect for growing multiple fruit trees indoors.

Duomishu 36W LED Grow Lamp with triple goosenecks

So I had to include a triple gooseneck light on my ultimate review page and this is it, the Duomishu 36W LED triple gooseneck Grow Lamp.

Most manufacturers that produce the double gooseneck LED lights also produce versions with a triple gooseneck. Duomishu does produce some of the better quality cheap LED grow light that works so read on and I will tell you all about what features this model has.

COB LED technology

COB stands for chip on board and it is the newest type of LED technology, it produces brighter light and uses less power and produces less heat so it is a win-win-win.

With this technology, you will save even more money on your electricity bill than you would compared to the saving you would make with other LED lights.

Multi Brightness levels and timer mode

This light has a built-in timer that has 3 settings 4, 8 and 12 hours so you can set it to turn on at the same time every day meaning you don’t have to constantly worry about whether you remembered to turn it on each day.

It has 8 different brightness levels so you don’t have to use it on full power all the time so you can save money on your electricity bill by utilizing this feature.

Triple head for wider coverage

I do really like these LED grow lamps with a triple head as it means you can cover a wider area or have the lights all pointing towards your plant or tree at different angles.

You could successfully use this LED for growing strawberries, cucamelon or even a fruit tree like a cherry or peach tree indoors as the triple head means you can cover a wide area with just one lamp.

[table id=13 /]


  • Works perfectly for boosting the light for houseplants during the winter months.
  • The flexibility means it is easier to get the lights to shine on the exact position that requires the extra lighting.
  • You should notice a difference to your plants after shining this light on them for a week.
  • When you use these led lights you will notice fresh growth start to appear.

[table id=14 /]


This is a good LED grow light if you want to top up the light your plants receive during the winter months.

The triple head allows you to cover a wide area, multiple plants or point them all at different areas of one plant for a triple boost. This is definitely one of the better triple gooseneck lights at this reasonable price range.

A timer is a quality option that can give you peace of mind that your plants are getting enough light.

Buyers guide

When You have made the decision to buy an LED grow light there are a number of things you should consider, maybe you don’t know what these factors are so I will tell you some information you should know before you make your decision.

  • Actual Power Consumption – this is the amount of power your light will actually draw from the wall. It is important to consider this because this is what will affect your electricity bill.
  • Combined LED Power – This is the total power your light can produce and it is calculated by the power and amount of LEDs that are in your light so if your light has 50 LEDs with 3-watt power the total power would be 50 x 3 so 150 Watts.

You should take this into consideration when you are deciding what light to buy, it is often a case of getting the best-LED light for the money you have available. But remember the more powerful light you buy means the more light will be produced and more light means more growth.


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