21 Best Indoor Strawberry Planters

pots for strawberries

Everyone loves strawberries and they taste even better when you have grown them yourself. I have grown strawberries many times in my house that’s why I have decided to write this article on the best indoor strawberry planter.

There are many different types of planters you can use for growing strawberries indoors from practical ones that you will be able to produce a large number of strawberries in, to novelty ones that you won’t be able to grow many strawberries in but they will look good in your house and even vertical garden systems.

So read on and I will tell you about some of the good options for indoor planters that are available.

Reasons you should grow strawberries indoors:

  • One of the easiest edibles to grow indoors
  • You can grow them even if you don’t have an outdoor space
  • Unlimited strawberries during the growing season
  • It’s incredibly satisfying

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Vertical 5-Tier Stackable Strawberry Planter

This planter is number one on the list because it is probably the ultimate strawberry planter and it will enable you to grow a massive amount of strawberries or any other projects you choose to grow.

This planter is designed to be self-watering so all you have to do is water the plants at the top and the water will flow through and feed all the other levels. The five tiers on this planter mean that it is big enough for you to grow up to 20 plants, you can grow all the same plants or you could easily mix it up and grow a variety.


  • Simple for beginners to be successful at growing strawberries.
  • Well built and sturdy product mean that this planter should last for years.
  • Easy to water your plants compared to using multiple ceramic planters.
  • Remember to rotate the planter so plants get light no matter what side they are at.
  • Easy to remove tiers so you can move it to a new area if desired, even when it’s full.

3 Tier Strawberry Planter

This planter is a 3-tier self-watering system but it doesn’t actually water itself, what this means is you only have to water the top planter and water will run down and feed all the plants.

This product is made of plastic but it is a brick color so that it looks good and resembles a traditional terracotta pot.

This planter is ideal if you want to plant 9 or 10 plants you can grow strawberries in it but you could also grow any flowers, herbs or any other sort of plant you want or mix it up and grow a variety of plants.


  • Easily grow herbs or strawberries at home and save the money you would spend in the store.
  • You can use 1,2 or 3 tiers you don’t have to use them all at the same time.
  • Great value and you can grow a good amount of plants.
  • You can add more tiers if you purchase multiple products.

Strawberry Planter Grow Bag

I have included this fabric grow bag to show there is a large variation of products you can use for growing strawberries.

This bag is nearly 15 inches wide and because it is fabric I would advise using some sort of tray under it as water will seep out it when you give it a deep watering.

This grow bag has 8 side pockets that you can have plants growing out of but you can, of course, have additional plants growing out the top of it. The fact that it is made out of fabric means you can fold it up for easy storage when you aren’t using it.


  • Cool looking grow bag is definitely a conversation starter.
  • The product is actually larger than it looks in the picture (check the measurements).
  • Very sturdy handles mean you can move it around even when it is full of soil.
  • Ideal for growing strawberries as the plants will fit nicely in the pockets.
  • You can use multiple grow bags and grow a massive harvest.

Aztec Style Plastic Planter

This indoor strawberry planter is in the style of an old Aztec pot, it is made of plastic but it is in the color of a terracotta pot.

This planter is only 8 inches tall approximately, so you won’t be able to grow many plants out of it and it is more a decorative piece. If I was using this pot I would only grow one strawberry plant out of it as it is more a novelty and decorative piece rather than for someone who wants to grow a seriously large amount of strawberries.

This item would look good with any sort of plant growing out of it.


  • This pot is not expensive and would make an ideal gift for someone.
  • Made from rugged plastic but you will have to drill holes in the bottom for drainage.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Grow any plant out of it but it is kind of small in size.

Driftwood Planter

This driftwood planter is a lovely decorative piece that will make any area you put it in look better.

It is seriously well made as it is made out of concrete and it does have drainage holes in the bottom so it is practical to use.

It isn’t the largest planter but it would be suitable for putting three strawberry plants in and they would do just fine. This planter would be ideal for putting on a windowsill so that it would receive light for the plants.

If you don’t want to go strawberries you could grow flowers or any other sort of plant very easily in this beautiful piece.


  • This beautiful driftwood planter will improve the aesthetics of any area you put it in.
  • Well made so should last a lifetime.
  • It is small so don’t expect to put large plants in it.
  • The perfect planter for sitting on your windowsill
  • A cute planter that is ideal for growing decorative plants out of.

Vertical Pocket Wall Planter

This is only true vertical wall planter I have on this list And I have included it to add some variety although I would recommend that you don’t hang it on an inside wall as it would probably cause water damage.

It has 12 pockets on it so would be perfect if you want to draw 12 strawberry plants and that would mean you can harvest an awesome amount of strawberries.

This planter is actually made from recycled plastic bottles so by using this product you are helping the environment.

This planter would be ideal for hanging on an outside wall or on a balcony if you have one.


  • Awesome value for money compared to similar planters.
  • Buy multiple items and you can start a vertical farm.
  • It dries out quickly so you need to water it regularly.
  • You might want to make a wooden back on it to avoid water damage on your wall.

Hanging Strawberry Planter

This is a 2 pack of hanging strawberry planter they work just like a hanging basket except it is designed for strawberries.

There are 11 holes and each of these planters so you can draw a total of 22 plants in it and you can, of course, grow any products you want it is not just limited to strawberries.

If you’re using this product indoors you would have to use a tree or something underneath it to catch the excess water because it will leak out when you water it. This planter would be ideal for hanging in a conservatory if you have one.


  • Perfect for growing strawberries as you never have to worry about excess water causing mold to grow on your crop.
  • An excellent project to carry out with your kids or grandchildren.
  • Made from durable material that should last a long time.
  • Buy multiple items and you can grow a massive crop.

Steel Long Box Planter

This Steel planter box has a rusted patina finish and it is long enough that you would be able to grow a decent amount of strawberry plants in it which would result in a decent harvest of juicy strawberries.

This would be an ideal planter for putting on your windowsill and the solid construction of it means it should last a lifetime. This planter would be suitable for growing 4or 5 strawberry plants and it’s design means it wouldn’t have any adverse reaction to hot and cold weather.

This is an ideal window box for growing strawberries or any other plant in.


  • Beautiful rustic design that comes in different sizes.
  • Looks great in a room that has walnut or other wooden fixtures.
  • The rust patina finish will make any room look better that you position it in.
  • A well-made product so it should last a very long time.

Ceramic Planter

This planter is like a piece of art and it is large enough to be functional and you can grow a decent amount of plants in it.

It comes in four different colors the one above is salmon color but it also comes in green, dark brown, and white so you should be able to find a color that matches the room you want to put it in.

This would be an ideal planter for growing strawberries out of but it could be used for growing any sort of plant, just place it on a window sill or somewhere that receives light and I’m sure you will have success.


  • Nice size and good that different sizes are available.
  • No drainage hole so you will have to use gravel instead.
  • Stylish design that will improve any room you put it in.
  • Different color designs mean you will be able to find one that suits the design of your room.

You could use a smart garden to grow strawberries indoors check out my smart garden article here.

Rectangular Plastic Planter

This rectangular plastic window box comes in a two pack and it is one of the most functional planters on this list.

If you use both of these boxes on a windowsill you would be able to successfully grow a good amount of strawberry plants and get a decent harvest. They come with a tray for underneath so that any excess water will not spill out but will be caught in this tray.

This would be a good window box for growing any plant you want, It would work well for flowers, herbs and also many fruits and vegetables.


  • Made of plastic but they still look very elegant and are well made.
  • Off white color is a very neutral design that will look good in most surroundings.
  • Ideal planter for growing strawberries or any herbs you want to grow.
  • It is big enough that you should be able to grow a decent amount of plants in them.

You could use these boxes to grow a herb garden and shine an LED light on it which is always a good idea for indoor plants.

Self Watering Planter

This self-watering planter as a quality product because it has a system for watering itself.

The bottom section is a water reservoir and the soil will suck up water as it needs it.

This pot is available in three different sizes and I would recommend you choose the large one, It is also available in 4 different colors plum, green, blue and black. When you fill the reservoir up with water that should be enough to provide your plant with water for two weeks.

This self-watering planter has features that will prevent overwatering that happens when using other self-watering planters.


  • Very easy to use even compared to other self-watering planters.
  • Brilliant invention and you will have no problems with under-watering or over-watering.
  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing planter but it is very effective for growing plants.
  • It makes it easy to grow healthy plants.
  • Use multiple self-watering planters and you can grow a massive crop.

Rectangular Plastic Planter 2 Pack

This is a two pack of large and practical rectangular planters they are made of plastic but are very durable.

These planters come in three different sizes 14 inches, 16 inches, and 20 inches and I would recommend going for the biggest one because you can grow more plants in it.

It also comes in 5 different color effects Gold, silver copper, black and clay color so I’m sure you can find one that would be suitable for the area you want to use it. The plastic in this product is recycled so it is environmentally friendly.


  • Looks like authentic metal even though it is made of plastic.
  • You will have to use a tray if you don’t want a puddle where the drainage holes are.
  • Great value planter, it’s like two for the price of one.
  • Small enough you can position it in front of a window but large enough you can grow a decent crop it in.

Self Watering 16 Inch Planter

This self-watering planter is ideal for beginners because it will steadily water your plants which means there is less risk of drowning them or not watering them enough.

It has a reservoir for water and drainage holes so it means your plant will always receive the correct amount of water.

This planter is Made in the USA and it is made out of durable recycled plastic which means it is environmentally friendly.

This pot is big enough that you will be able to draw a reasonable amount of plants out of it and it is small enough that you will be able to set it on your windowsill so that it will get enough natural light.


  • Transfer your plants into this and you should see a massive improvement in them.
  • Self-watering so you only need to fill it with water every 2 weeks.
  • Automatically releases water for your plants so you don’t have to worry about them.
  • Use multiple pots and you could grow a large crop in self-watering containers.

Ceramic Strawberry Planter

I definitely had to include this small pot on the list because what could be more fun than having a strawberry plant growing out of a strawberry.

This will definitely be a conversation starter if you manage to have strawberries growing out of it.

There are three versions of this little pot the strawberry version, the orange version, and the watermelon version and they’re basically little novelty plant pots and not for serious indoor gardeners.

This is a novelty pot is a very affordable price so you could buy it and just use it as an ornament or buy all three and use them as novelty ornaments just for fun.

Metal Windowsill Planter

This metal windowsill planter Is made from a top quality galvanized steel and it has hammered pebble texture that makes these pots not only practical but also a decorative piece.

Included in this package are the three pots and also a metal tray that will catch any water that runs through the drainage holes in the bottom of the pots.

When you are using these pots for strawberries I would recommend putting one strawberry plant in each pot, it will look amazing sitting on your windowsill with strawberries growing out of it.


  • A metal drip tray is included so excess water will not create a messy puddle.
  • Looks really good sitting on a windowsill with herbs growing in it.
  • Excellent value for money and will add a modern touch to any room.
  • A very sturdy and well-made product so it should last a long time.

Decorative 3 Pot Planter

This is a beautiful decorative piece that is suitable for growing three plants out of.

In this package, you get three owl character pots that are very practical because they do have drainage holes in the bottom of them which is very beneficial for healthy plant growth.

The pots are made out of high-quality ceramic and the wooden stand is also a very solid build.

These decorative pots won’t enable you to grow a massive amount of anything but it will definitely look good sitting on a window sill or somewhere that has a light source.


  • Cute design and will make any room look better.
  • Very thick ceramic so should be very long-lasting.
  • Doesn’t come with plants so you will have to add your own.
  • Guaranteed to get compliments off of your visitors.
  • Good value for money for such a cute item.

11 Inch Rectangular Planter

This 11-inch rectangular planter is a very practical design and you could use it to grow 4 or 5 strawberry plants out of which would produce a decent amount of strawberries and give you great satisfaction knowing you have produced these berries on your windowsill.

A ceramic pot is very well built and it does have drainage holes in the bottom which is an essential feature when you’re growing any sort of plants.

The bamboo tray that is included will catch any water that drains out the holes of the planter. This planter will add a modern touch to whatever room you decide to use it in.


  • Modern design planter that will work well for growing herbs or strawberries.
  • Ideal gift for someone who is moving into a new house.
  • Ornamental quality planter but also very practical.
  • Very affordable and guaranteed to bring compliments.

6 Owl Window Planters

This set of 6 small planters are definitely in the ornamental range as they are kind of small but I have included them because they are so cute.

If you are using these for strawberries you might be able to fit one strawberry plant in each of them. These quirky little planters super cool on your windowsill or anywhere else around your house.

Each one of these owl pots has a hole in the bottom for drainage so plants can definitely be grown in them as drainage is essential for growing healthy plants.


  • Small planters but you will be able to find plants that fit in them.
  • You will need to sit them on a tray otherwise excess water will spill out the drainage holes.
  • Really cute so make excellent ornamental pieces.

Cute Ceramic Boot Planters

The set of decorative ceramic plant pots are tiny little boots with birds on them.

Who wouldn’t want these little boots as ornaments in the house with the bonus of plants growing out of them?

These little plant pots are very well made out of a thick ceramic material so they are very sturdy and they have the all-important drainage hole in the bottom which makes them perfectly practical for growing plants in.

These definitely fall into the category of novelty decorative plant pots because they are so small but who could resist being the owner of these cute plant pots.


  • The cutest little plant pots you will ever see.
  • Novelty plant pots so they are a conversation starter and will get you compliments.
  • Small size so only really suitable for small plants.
  • They will brighten up any room you put them in even if you use them as ornaments.

Hexagon Planters 7 Pack

This pack of 7 hexagon planters is a decorative piece and when used as an ornament it will look good in any room in your house.

It is made out of a top-quality heavy-duty ceramic material and it has a drainage hole in the bottom which is always a good thing when you are growing plants. It comes with a hexagon-shaped tray so that when water flows out the drainage holes the tray should catch that water.

This product is kind of small so it really should be in the novelty plant pot category and shouldn’t be used If you are seriously wanting to grow lots of big plants.


  • Lovely decorative designed plant pots.
  • The small size means they are suitable for growing succulents in.
  • You could buy multiple sets and grow lots of small plants.
  • Be aware they are a small size you should check the measurements.

Rectangular Window Box Planter

This rectangular window box planter is made out of stainless steel but it does have a hand-applied copper finish to it which makes it look kind of luxurious.

This is a seriously well-built planter and it should last a lifetime.

If I was using this for strawberries I would put maybe three or four plants in it. This planter is well designed and it does have drainage holes in the bottom and the very bottom section is a drip tray for drainage, looking at the picture it looks like it is attached to the planter.


  • This window box planter grows plants very well when placed on a windowsill.
  • The planter works well as an ornament in the middle of a coffee table.
  • Buy multiple products and grow lots of plants in them.

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