Essential Review: 15 best led grow lights strips on the market

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So you want to know what the best LED grow lights strips on the market are and you don’t know where to start? This page is a good starting point as I will tell you about some of the best LED grow light strips available.

These strips are ideal if you have a shelf or somewhere you can attach the lights to or you may want to choose some flexible grow light strips and simply wrap them around in a position that will shine on your plants.

There are a few things you need to consider before you buy some LED light strips:

  • How much do you want to spend on LED lights
  • What area do you need to be covered by lighting
  • Do you want white light or red/blue light

Grow light strips come in all different lengths, power outputs, shapes, and sizes so I have included as many different quality options on this page as possible for you to consider before you make a decision so have a browse and check out the prices of these quality LED grow lights strips options.

If you are looking for grow lights and not strips check out this article.

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Monios-L 2Ft LED Grow Light Strips for Plantsgrow light strip kit

This Monios-L 2ft 6 pack of grow light strips is a good option, the lights can be connected so you could join them together and have one big long grow light. These lights work well for all sorts of plants including flowers, vegetables, fruit trees or any sort of plant you grow indoors that needs an additional light source.

Each light gives off 10 watts of light so if you have the whole pack set up and in operation, it will give off a total of 60 Watts of light which is enough to keep most plants healthy.

These lights are easy enough to set up and don’t require any sort of special skill set. The lights come with cable ties, connector cords, and power supplies so you can connect and arrange your lights in an array of different positions that suit your specific needs.

When you connect all the lights together you can still use them all independently due to the fact they all have individual on/ off switches. This product comes with a 24-month warranty so if you have any issues with it you have peace of mind knowing you can always send it back.


  • Well made grow light strips that are easy to install with the clips provided.
  • Low profile light strips that take up minimal space compared to standard Led lights
  • These lights won’t just keep your plants alive they will help them absolutely thrive.
  • Effective for growing all sorts of plants indoors including succulents, trees, and flowers.
  • A good amount of light is produced for the modest price of the product.

OxyLed 6 ft flexible grow light strip 3 pack

This 3 pack of 6 ft flexible grow light strips by OxyLed are very energy efficient and will allow you to save money on energy usage, these lights only use an incredibly low 13 Watts of energy and have a lifespan of 30,000 hours.

The flexible plastic gel that surrounds these strips have a hollow inside so the design of this means the light is actually slightly magnified which means even more efficiency and greater results for the amount of power used whilst at the same time it makes the light strips completely waterproof so no worries about that.

The adhesive tape and cable ties make this light system easy to install and position so your plants get maximum exposure to the light they provide, the manufacturers suggest the ideal distance to position these is 2-3 feet away from your plants.

The red and blue light that these lights provide means it will work well for whatever stage your plants are at. The red lights will activate plant hormones that are important for flowering and fruit production whilst the blue light provides light that will help promote healthy leaf growth and the overall healthiness of your plants.  


  • Very simple to install grow light strips kit thanks to the adhesive tape that is provided.
  • You will be surprised at how bright the light actually is for the price.
  • Ideal Led lights for using during the winter months or for use all year.
  • You will notice an almost immediate improvement when you start using these lights.

Mixc LED grow light strips bar with timer 16 inches

If you are looking for an LED grow light strip bar with a timer then this Mixc kit might be the option you are looking for.

The timer on this light allows you to set it to turn on and off at the same time every day this means you don’t have to constantly worry about your plants getting enough light, you simply set it and it’s good to go.

This grow light strip also has dimmable options and you can set it at 5 different brightness settings, this is good for different stages of growth or you can save money by not having it on full all the time.

This light setup is really simple to install thanks to the magnets, cable ties and adhesive tape that allow you to easily attach it to a shelf, wall or wherever you choose to get maximum light effectiveness for your plants.

The lights can be attached to each other in one big string of lights with the cables supplied and you can attach up to 6 lights in a row like this. These lights have a passive heat dissipation system which means it is not likely to overheat, you could leave these grow light strips on for 48 hours and overheating would not be a problem.


  • This grow light bar system has a timer which means you can just set it and forget about it.
  • Perfect lights for plants that have been moved indoors or for growing plants such as succulents, fruit and veg indoors.
  • These Led lights cover a large area with bright light.
  • Excellent value for money led grow light bar kit.

Sondiko single LED grow light strips bar

This Sondiko single grow lights strips bar is a very affordable option if you are only looking for a single light, it also comes in a 2 pack at a discounted price.

It has a built-in timer which means you can set it and leave it, even go away for the weekend or on holiday with no worries about your plants getting light. This light also has a dimmer setting so you can set it at 25, 50, 75 or 100% which means you can save money by not having it on 100% power all the time.  

This grow light is 13.2 inches long and has an array of 36 red lights that contribute to rapid growth and development and 12 blue lights that enable your plants to absorb more energy.

This LED grow light strip is suitable for growing fruit, vegetables, flowers or any other variety of plant that needs an additional light source and it has a lifetime of approximately 50,000 hours usage.

For optimum growing conditions it is recommended that you position this grow light between 10 – 70 cm away from your plants.


  • This Led works well if you need to top up the amount of light your plants receive.
  • Ideal Led lights if you have limited space such as if you are using a shelf system.
  • Works perfect for use as a supplemental light for growing fruits and vegetables indoors.

ZCplus flexible LED grow light strip 16 ft

This 15.4 ft flexible LED grow light strip by ZC Plus is a really good option for someone looking for a flexible grow light strip on a budget. This light is super bright for such a reasonably priced grow light and it will be most effective if you position it 8 – 20 inches away from your plants.

Because this is a flexible light strip it means you don’t even have to attach it to a shelf you could simply wrap is around somewhere that would still allow it to shine on the required area meaning this is a truly versatile light strip.

This light strip uses red and blue light to provide the light that your plants will need at every stage of growth. The red light will help your plant during the germination and flowering phase whilst the blue light will help promote rapid growth and that will please any indoor gardener when that happens.

This LED grow lights strip will be of benefit to all sorts of plants at all stages of growth.

If you need additional light for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, greenhouse plants, seedlings or germination, this light will be of benefit.


  • Very good quality grow light strips although waterproof you should avoid pouring water on them.
  • Great Led lights if you are growing a herb garden indoors.
  • Works well for boosting plants you move indoors for the winter such as fruit grown in containers. 
  • Adhesive tape provided may not be sticky enough so you may want to invest in some tie wraps.

BLIIFUU LED grow light strips with timer for plants

This BLIIFUU 3 pack of flexible grow light strips is a really good option for the affordable price of them. This lights strip has an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours use and it has an option to adjust the brightness from 0% to 100% so it has a suitable setting for every stage of plant growth.

The timer options enable you to set an automatic off time so you can turn it on for 3, 9 or 12 hours and it will automatically turn off after that time, the most effective time setting is to give your plants 8-12 hours of light every day.

These Led grow light strips are flexible so this gives extra versatility when you are positioning them to get maximum light to your plants, you can even put these strips on a corner due to this flexibility.

This light strip is waterproof you don’t have to worry when watering.

This grow light strip will provide red and blue light to your plants so it is perfectly suited to all stages of plant growth. The red lights will help during the sprouting and flowering stages of growth while the blue light will help promote healthy plant growth.


  • Works excellent if you have a shelf system for growing
  • Well built with long cords that enable optimum positioning of the lights.
  • Great Led for growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or succulents indoors.
  •  The timer makes this Led light strip very useable.
  • An ideal Led to boost natural light during the winter months.

SLR Lighting 20 Inch LED grow lights strips for plants

This 5 pack of 20 inch grow light strips by SLR Lighting is amazing value for money if you are looking for a system with multiple flexible LED light strips. The 300 LED lights in this system make it powerful enough to light up an incredible 8 square feet.

You can use these lights to grow plants anywhere whether it is in a closet, greenhouse, shelf or grow room the flexibility of these lights make them incredibly versatile and easy to set for the optimum lighting position.

These lights use par LED technology that is perfectly tuned for providing your plants with artificial sunlight.

The far-red lights will provide wavelengths that will promote healthy growth, flowering, and fruiting whilst the blue light will give your plants extra energy for rapid growth. These lights are incredibly easy to install thanks to the zip ties, adhesive tape, and screws that give you multiple options for how you want to install this system.


  • Perfect lights for topping up your plants during the winter months.
  • Doesn’t come with a power supply so buy your own to avoid disappointment.
  • Good as a supplemental light source but not strong enough to be the main source.
  • Soft and flexible design make these lights easy to position and clean.
  • The small size makes it easy to use in small spaces compared to standard fluorescent lighting.

Lightimetunnel LED grow light strip bar with timer

The Lightimetunnel 40W grow light with timer 4 pack is a great option if you are looking for a grow light bar, it also comes in a 2 pack but you will get better value by purchasing the 4 pack.

The timer on this light is designed on a 24-hour cycle so when you set it to come on for 3, 6 or 12 hours it will come on for that period of time at the same time every day.

The dimmable settings mean you can set it at 25, 50, 75 or 100% brightness and this means you won’t burn your plants and could save money by not having it set on full all the time.

Each bar has 20 energy efficient LED bulbs which are made up of 6 blue to promote better germination and 14 red to promote better germination, flowering, fruiting and rapid growth. You can set this light system up in one big straight line or you can have the bars doubled up in a parallel setting so your plants receive double the light.

The recommended distance to keep these lights from your plants is between 1.7 – 3 feet.

This system comes with a one year warranty and you can return them within 30 days if you are not happy with them in any way.


  • Works especially good for plants that have been moved indoors for the winter.
  • Using these led light bars on fruits and vegetables will result in a healthy and abundant crop.
  • Comes with multiple attachments for the self-install so anyone should be able to install it.

RAYWAY 11.5 inch LED grow light strip for plants

This Rayway 5 pack of tube grow light bars are incredible value for money, each strip is 11.5 inches long and have 18 red and 6 blue lights in each strip.

The red lights will help to promote germination, flowering and fruiting of your plants and the blue lights will help promote healthy and rapid plant growth.

These lights can be used for any sort of plants or gardening situation from fruit and veg to flowers or for germination and flowering or in a greenhouse these lights can be successfully used at all stages for every type of plant.

These LED lights can actually save you money in the long term because they are incredibly energy efficient yet still produce an awesome amount of light for the low power consumption they have.

This lighting system comes with screws and fittings for the installation and they can be set up in one big row or you could have them set up in 2 parallel rows and the provided cables will allow for both of these setups. If you have any problems with this light you should contact the company and they will be happy to offer you a refund or set of replacement lights.

These lights also come with a standard American plug and power supply so everything you need is included in this package.


  • Ideal for using in a nursery as the light is not strong enough to burn young plants.
  • Works well as a complimentary light system maybe not as the main light source.
  • Easy to install using the clips provided.
  • Cables aren’t very long so you may want to purchase longer cables.

Solmore 1.6 ft LED grow lights strip for indoor plants

These Solmore 1.6ft flexible grow light strip 3 pack will provide a total of 18 Watts light (6 Watts per strip). These strips can be linked together in one big straight line or they can be linked parallel to each other using the cables provided and you don’t have to use them all, you could choose to only use 1, 2 or 3 of them.

Each strip has a total of 30 LED lights and they are waterproof which makes them easy for cleaning with a cloth although I wouldn’t go and pour water on them just in case but a splash when watering shouldn’t do any damage.

These grow light strips are good for all stages of plant growth due to the red light that helps plants during sprouting and flowering and due to the blue light that helps plants grow.

The recommended time for optimal plant growth is 8 – 12 hours per day.

These lights can be used in any situation like in a greenhouse, grow room, shelving or even just as cool lighting for a room and will provide benefit to any sort of plant including flowers, fruit, veg or anything else.


  • Ideal LEDs for providing plants with additional light during the winter months.
  • Very easy to set up and a very good product for such an affordable price.
  • Sticky tape provided is not the best so you may need to use additional tape.
  • Lights do get slightly warm but they are ideal for growing herbs in the kitchen.

Lominie dimmable grow light bar with remote control

This full spectrum LED grow light bar by Lominie has a quadruple chip LED which makes the light produced stronger than standard LED light systems.

This light bar is a full spectrum light with 7 colors white, red, deep red, blue, royal and green which enables it to truly be full spectrum. It comes with a remote control which means you can easily alter its settings when you have it installed somewhere that could be possibly awkward to get to like under a shelf.

This grow light bar has dimmable functionality which enables you to set the brightness from 0-100%.

This light would be suitable for use in a greenhouse, office, grow room or anywhere you need extra light for houseplants. The aluminum housing of this light has good heat dissipation which means you don’t have to worry about the system overheating.

This light comes with a 1-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


  • Remote control is an excellent feature that allows easy brightness and color adjustment.
  • This Led produces a very bright light for the very reasonable price.

Derlights 2ft indoor LED grow light bar for plants

This 3 pack of 2 ft indoor grow lights bar by Derlights are a good option and they do also come in a 3ft and 4ft more powerful option.

This is a full spectrum grow light bar and it contains a total of 224 red LEDs that help with blooming and fruiting, 36 blue LEDs that promote healthy plant growth and 60 white LEDs that cover the rest of the spectrum so your plants get the full spectrum of light.

It is recommended that you keep these lights on for a maximum of 12-20 hours per day and the optimum position is 5-12 inches away from your plants.

These lights are really easy to install with all the supplies provided.

You will get some double-sided adhesive pads, screws and cable ties so you can use whatever option is best to get the lights in the required position. This light has an incredible lifespan of 50,000 hours and is really energy efficient so over the lifetime of this light, you could save a lot of money on your electricity bill.

This light can be used for indoor grow rooms, greenhouses, shelf lighting, growing fruit, veg, flowers of any sort of succulent.


  • Very sturdy and well-made Leds and plants will love the light they produce.
  • The cords provided aren’t very long you may want to buy longer cables.
  • The company that provide the lights have excellent customer service.

GrowGlow flexible LED grow light strip for indoor plants

This flexible LED grow light strip by GrowGlow is a very affordable option.

The flexible nature of this grow light strip means it can be positioned in a variety of ways so you achieve the optimum lighting for your plants.

Although this light strip does come with some adhesive tape that enables you to attach it to the underside of a shelf or against a wall you can also wrap it around an object to get your plant the required light due to the flexible nature of the product.

This light has both red lights that promote germination, sprouting, flowering, and fruiting and also a blue light that helps promote healthy plant growth.

You can use this light in an array of places like in a greenhouse, grow room, attach it to a shelf, or have it shining its light on potted plants in your house or use it to top up the light of plants that are suffering during g the low light winter months.

This light comes with a 1-year warranty and also with a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee so if you don’t like it or have any issues you can always return it.


  • Very good Led light strips for the affordable price of them.
  • Good as an additional light source but maybe not strong enough to use as the main light source.
  • Very easy to set up in the ideal position as they are a flexible light strip.
  • You may want to purchase a timer to use with these lights for ease of use.

Lunsy 6.6 ft flexible LED grow light rope for plant growth

This 6.6ft flexible grow light by Lunsy is a good option if you have a limited budget.

The flexible nature of this long grow strip means it is easy to get it into the perfect position for getting the optimum light for your plants, you can even attach it so it goes round corners as it is totally flexible.

This light strip is really easy to install with the double-sided adhesive tape that is provided and the lightweight nature of these lights means you can attach it simply enough and you are good to go.

Conveniently this light strip is waterproof which means it is easy to give it a good clean with a cloth and you don’t have to worry about any splashes or spillage when you are watering, however, I wouldn’t pour water on it just incase.

 This light is very energy efficient which means if you use it long term it will save you money compared to using other types of light, it also has a lifespan of 30,000 hours so you really will get good value for money.

The 36 LEDs in this unit mean it covers the full light spectrum and promotes healthy plant growth which is always the goal for indoor gardeners.


  • Ideal lights to use on plants that have been brought indoors for the winter months.
  • These lights do heat up slightly and are best for use as an additional light source not as a main light.
  • Good Led lights to use on houseplants for an additional lighting boost.

Litever 16 Inches LED Grow Light Strip for plants

This 6 pack of 16 inch LED grow light strips by Litever are very easy to install thanks to all the different connectors and cable ties along with a handy instruction manual that I would recommend you read before you use these lights.

These lights will provide 40 Watts of light to your setup, the body of the strips is made from aluminum which has very good heat dissipation properties so you won’t have to worry about overheating issues. These lights are suitable to be connected together in one big straight line or you could set them up in 4 parallel rows.

The red and blue spectrum of light that these bars produce means they are suitable for every stage of plant growth.

The blue light works well for seed germination and sprouting and for your plants to grow strong stocks and roots.

The red light works well for encouraging rapid plant growth and for flowering.

The infrared light will encourage greater photosynthesis of green plants and will also encourage plant growth.

The light that these grow bars give off is ideal for growing fruit, vegetables or flowers in an indoor environment, they will be useful all the way from germination up to the moment you harvest your succulents and they are ready for eating.


  • Well built light strips and everything you need to easily install them are included.
  • When you use these lights you may see an almost immediate improvement.
  • Ideal Led lights to attach under shelving or even inside a greenhouse to boost winter light.
  • Perfect Led light strips to give plants a boost during the winter months.

Safety when using LED lights

When you are using grow lights for long hours on a regular basis like any other electrical component you should take some safety measures for extra safety protection.

  • You should avoid overloading plug sockets
  • Avoid contact with water when plugged in
  • Don’t keep your lights in a permanently damp room
  • Use a timer so you don’t leave it on longer than is safe

As long as you take these common-sense precautions you should have no worries when using LED lighting. One additional measure I recommend would be to use a power stabilizer so that if there is a power surge your electronic equipment won’t be damaged.

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