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Bonsai Tools & Supplies: Everything You’ll Ever Need

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Bonsai is an excellent hobby to get into and the more years of experience you have in the hobby the more bonsai tools and supplies you will desire.

For most bonsai tools you could improvise and use tools and supplies that are not explicitly designed for the bonsai hobby, however, it’s a great idea to acquire all the specialist tools and supplies you will need for the best chance of successfully growing the beautiful bonsai trees of your dreams.

For most tools like cutters or a moisture meter etc., it is a one-off purchase that should last for many years, and for bonsai supplies like wire and soil you can save money in the long run by buying in bulk so you have a good supply stashed away for when you need it.

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Concave Branch Cutter

Concave Branch CutterThe concave branch cutting tool is designed so that it enables you to easily chop off branches flush to the trunk so that the branch won’t regrow or turn into a knob.

Branches can grow quite thick on mature bonsai trees so this cutting tool is actually razor-sharp to handle mature thick branches so you better be careful with your fingers when you are using this tool.

You should always use sharp cutting tools on your bonsai because the cleaner the cut you make the easier it will be for your bonsai tree to heal itself.

The concave design just makes it a lot more simple when it comes to achieving the desired angle you require for cutting your bonsai to encourage it to grow into the correct shape you are trying to achieve.


  • The concave design makes it easier to cut at the angles you want
  • A razor-sharp tool so be careful with your fingers
  • Designed so you can cut branches flush to the tree trunk
  • Always use sharp cutting tools so your bonsai can quickly heal the cuts

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Moisture Meter

Moisture MeterA moisture meter is a great tool to own and you can obviously use it for a lot more than solely measuring the soil dampness of your bonsai tree.

You can use this tool for measuring the moisture levels of any potted houseplants, your lawn, vegetable garden, or any other plants.

Using a moisture meter takes the guesswork out of deciding if it’s time to water your plants as you simply read the meter and follow the instructions to achieve the correct moisture level for your bonsai tree.

This is a really vital bonsai tool if you are trying to get to the next level of growing bonsai perfection rather than just trying out bonsai as a beginner.


  • A moisture meter will help you achieve bonsai perfection
  • Can be used on any plants around your home or in your yard
  • A moisture meter takes the guesswork out and makes it scientific
  • Achieve peace of mind by not worrying if you’re watering the correct amounts.

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Single Point Root Rake

Single Point Root RakeThe single point root rake is an absolutely vital tool when it comes to repotting your bonsai tree, you may only have to carry out the process every 2+ years but when it’s time to do it having the correct tools will ensure the best results.

The single point root rake is the simplest way to scrape out all the soil that the roots have become attached to after years of growing in it.

This specialist tool allows you to scrape away at the root ball with the peace of mind that you are not going to rip all the roots out and destroy your precious bonsai tree.


  • The most important tool when repotting bonsai
  • Allows you to safely scrape the soil out of the roots
  • Limited use means buy one and it should last a lifetime
  • Using specialist bonsai tools will ensure the best outcome

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Traditional Bonsai Shears

Traditional Bonsai ShearsUsing a sharp set of shears is vital when it comes to pruning your bonsai tree, or any other plant because a sharp cut is easier for your bonsai tree to heal itself and this will prevent the cut from becoming infected.

The unique shape of the traditional bonsai shears doesn’t make them just look good but the shape actually has a useful purpose.

The loops on the handles will enable you to adjust your hands when cutting so that you can easily reach the correct angle when it comes to making vital cuts during the pruning process.


  • Bonsai is an ancient hobby you should honor by using traditional tools
  • It’s important to always use sharp tools when cutting bonsai
  • Cutting branches cleanly will promote healthy fresh growth
  • Traditional bonsai shears are simply cool

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Bonsai Wire Cutters

Heavy Duty Bonsai Wire CuttersWhen you start to become advanced in your bonsai hobby you may decide it’s time to start using wire to create your bonsai vision.

You will have to replace the wire perhaps every 3 months as your bonsai tree grows so it is a good idea to have the correct tool for cutting the wire as this will make it easier and prevent any accidental cutting of your tree.

These bonsai wire cutters will make it very simple to quickly snip the wire off and they are shaped to prevent any potential damage to your bonsai during the process of removing wire.


  • Designed with a rounded head to prevent damage to the trunk or branches
  • Sharp wire cutters make the job quick and simple
  • It’s best to invest in the correct tools when you advance to wiring bonsai
  • A specialist bonsai tool any serious bonsai enthusiast should own

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Professional Bonsai Soil

Professional Bonsai Soil<br>20 lb. Bag (10 Qts.)Professional bonsai soil is nothing like standard soil you would buy from a garden center.

This soil is more granular than standard soil and you will notice granules of gravel, shale, and clay that have been specially blended to create a soil that is perfect for growing bonsai.

This soil has been designed so that it will absorb lots of water then slowly release it over time.

The granular content ensures air and water can easily get down to the root system which will help you keep your bonsai tree growing healthy.


  • Specialist soil designed specifically for bonsai
  • High granular content to promote healthy outcomes
  • Using the correct soil is the single most important thing for bonsai
  • This soil is designed to absorb water then slowly release it

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Japanese Akadama Bonsai Soil

Colorado Lava Rock Granules<br>Bonsai Tree Soil Additive - 5 lbs. (2.5 Qts.)Akadama bonsai soil is a naturally occurring type of soil that has a high concentration of volcanic clay that has been treated to use as bonsai soil.

You will pay a little bit more for akadama soil compared to standard bonsai soil but I feel that the results are worth it as it is the traditional type of soil used in Japan.

Some people do like to experiment with different soil mixtures and only use part akadama soil.

Give it a try and you will quickly notice if you have a good soil mix, personally, I just go for akadama soil because it works.


  • Akadama is a traditional type of Japanese bonsai soil
  • This soil has a high concentration of volcanic clay
  • This type of bonsai soil has been successfully used for hundreds of years
  • It’s expensive but is the best soil for most types of bonsai

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Misting Bottle

Mist / Spray BottleBuying a proper misting spray bottle for your bonsai tree will not break the bank but it is still a worthwhile investment.

Increasing the humidity is essential for most types of indoor bonsai trees because indoor central heating dries out the air and dry air is terrible for the health of most tropical bonsai trees.

When you mist your bonsai regularly it’s important to let the leaves completely dry out in between mistings otherwise the dampness could promote ideal conditions for mold and fungus to prosper.


  • Misting your bonsai tree will increase the humidity levels
  • Always let your bonsai leaves dry out in between misting
  • Can also be used on the soil in your pot
  • Not an expensive investment but will make a big difference

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Watering Can

Zinc Watering Can - Pastel Green Color<br>9.5 x 5.5 10.0 TallIt’s always good to have a watering can for your plants and bonsai trees are no different.

You can accurately pour water on your bonsai with this watering can and if you want the water to land directly on the soil you can always remove the nozzle and pour the water directly out of the spout to achieve this outcome.

Using a watering can makes things easier especially if you have many different plants or bonsai trees as you won’t have to constantly fill up a little container.


  • Can hold a larger amount of water than small DIY containers
  • The nozzle will create a gentle spray of water
  • Pour water directly out the spot to water the soil more direct
  • Can be used for many different plants not just bonsai

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Bonsai Grow Light Kit

Jump Start Grow Light System - 4 FT.<br>High Output T5This grow light kit is a great idea if you want to really maximize the growth of your bonsai trees.

The adjustable light rack will allow you to adjust the height of the lights as your tree grows and this will alter the intensity of the light shining on your plants.

You could also use this grow light kit during the winter months if you live somewhere that gets dark for a long period during the winter months, this would be ideal for giving your bonsai a winter light boost.


  • Adjustable lighting rack allows you to adjust the intensity
  • A great way to give your bonsai a light boost during the winter
  • Can be used on bonsai or other plants up to 4 feet tall
  • Ideal for use germinating seeds or growing cuttings

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Humidity Tray

Blue Ceramic Humidity/Drip Bonsai Tray - Round<br><i> 14.0 x 1.5 OD / 13.0 x 1.0 ID</i>A humidity tray not only looks great as a finishing touch to improve the appearance of your bonsai set up but also has a practical use as well.

Using a humidity tray is a simple way to increase the humidity level around your bonsai tree which is essential for most tropical bonsai varieties especially during the winter months.

The bonus is that when you water your bonsai tree and it drips out the bottom the humidity tray will collect these drips and thus protect your furniture from water stains and damage.


  • Using a humidity tray will improve the health of your bonsai
  • Improves the appearance of your setup and looks great
  • Protects your furniture from water damage and stains
  • Inexpensive product for the great benefits you will see

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Pebbles For Humidity Tray

Humidity/Drip Tray Bonsai Pebbles - Large<br>3.0 lbs.When you have a humidity tray for your bonsai tree then you will need to use some sort of pebbles to keep your bonsai pot raised above the water that is in your humidity tray.

These are river pebbles so they are rounded and look really good as decoration and work perfectly for use in a bonsai humidity tray.

Your humidity tray will need to have water in it and the purpose of these pebbles is to keep your bonsai pot above the water. When the water evaporates around your bonsai that is how the humidity is created.


  • Smooth river pebbles
  • Keeps your bonsai pot above the water that’s in the tray
  • The essential accessory for bonsai humidity trays
  • Will make your tray look ornamental

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Bonsai Display Tables

Wooden Display Table - 12 x 7.25 x 4.75 tallA display table for your bonsai tree really will take your bonsai display to the next level.

When you use a bonsai display table it really does raise the importance of your bonsai display in any room from being just a bonsai to actually being an important ornamental piece that is guaranteed to start a conversation.

If you opt for a turntable version it has the added benefit that you can easily rotate your bonsai when it comes to pruning time.


  • A turntable version will make pruning easier
  • Will make your bonsai display the centerpiece of the room
  • A conversation starter
  • A great investment for serious bonsai hobbyists

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Bonsai Pots

Blue Ceramic Bonsai Pot - Oval <br>Professional Series <br><i>10 x 8 x 4</i>You will have to re-pot your bonsai tree from time to time but this doesn’t always require you to actually change the pot.

If you decide to upgrade your pot when you re-pot there is a wide range of colors and shapes available and you may find a change of pot just for aesthetic reasons that can refresh the look of your bonsai tree.

If you opt for a larger pot when you upgrade your bonsai tree will slowly increase in size as its roots grow into the next increased size of the pot.


  • Many different shapes, colors, and sizes of pot available
  • A new pot can transform the look of your bonsai display
  • When repotting you can always re-pot in a new pot that is the same size
  • A larger sized pot will enable your bonsai to grow larger (if that’s what you want)

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Bonsai Training Wire

Bonsai Training Wire 2.0 mm<br>Aluminum Training WireWhen you start to get into advanced bonsai training techniques then bonsai wire will become an essential tool in your arsenal.

You can actually use any type of wire but bonsai wire that is either anodized aluminum or annealed copper is the industry standard that the professional bonsai growers favor.

Pro bonsai wire is always the best option because it is designed to be less likely to cause damage to your bonsai tree.

When you first start trying out the best shape you want your bonsai to grow by using bonsai wire it is a case of trial and error and you will quickly learn what works best for your individual bonsai tree.


  • Bonsai wire helps you create advanced bonsai designs
  • It’s trial and error, learn what works best for your bonsai
  • Anodized aluminum or annealed copper wire is best for bonsai
  • Monitor your tree when it’s wired and adjust it to prevent damage

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I hope you have found all the bonsai tools and supplies you will ever need on this page. Please have a browse of some more of my useful articles.