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Braided Money Bonsai Tree For Sale + Care Guide [Good Luck Tree]

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The Braided money bonsai tree (pachira aquatica) is also known as the ‘good luck tree’ and it’s said if you position it in the southeast section of your home it will bring you some financial good luck, but, never position it in your bathroom as that is rumored to drain the good luck away.

In this braided money bonsai tree for sale with care guide article, you will learn everything you need to know to successfully grow this indoor bonsai tree as a beautiful houseplant that will add some greenery and good luck to your home or office.

The braided money tree is native to central and south america so it will do best in tropical conditions or standard household temperature.

Why not give someone the thoughtful gift of the braided money bonsai tree for their home or office as it may give them good luck and prosperity.

This bonsai doesn’t need any special care so it is an ideal indoor plant for beginners or expert bonsai hobbyists. You should be aware that if you grow this bonsai indoors it is unlikely to flower but will still make a beautiful ornament for your home.

Reasons you should buy a braided money bonsai tree:

  • It’s easy to successfully grow indoors
  • Makes a great and thoughtful bonsai gift for someone you love
  • A great entry-level bonsai tree that doesn’t need specialist care
  • May bring financial good luck and prosperity to your home or office

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Light Requirements

Money trees can survive for a long time in low light conditions and too much direct sunlight could result in leaf burn…

How much sunlight does a braided money bonsai tree need?

A braided money bonsai tree is a great choice for an indoor bonsai because it doesn’t need that much light and can do very well in low light conditions.

If you can get your money tree 3- 6 hours of sunlight that would be just fine which makes it suitable for growing on a windowsill but maybe not during the hottest summer months.

During the hottest summer months, the braided money bonsai tree bonsai does best in partial shade conditions because exposure to full sun during the hottest period of the year could result in leaf burn and a generally unhealthy little bonsai.

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Braided money trees do like water just not too much, they like to dry out in between being watered…

How to tell if your braided money bonsai tree needs watered?

The easiest way to tell if your braided money bonsai tree needs to be watered is to do the finger test by sticking your finger in the soil.

If your money tree has dry soil 3 inches down it’s time to give it some water.

Money trees do like to almost dry out in between watering so it is a balancing act between not watering enough and letting it dry out too much.

When you water it too much and too often this will encourage it to grow big leaves and this can ruin the bonsai look where small leaves are always best and more bonsai looking.

If you are consistently getting your watering schedule and/or amount of watering wrong these are the signs to look for:

  • Yellow leaves – this could be a sign you are getting your watering schedule wrong stick your finger in the soil to figure out if it’s too wet or too dry.
  • Holes in leaves – if holes in the leaves start to appear this is a sign you have an infestation or you are getting your watering schedule completely wrong.
  • Wrinkly leaves starting to curl – if the leaves of your plant are starting to curl or look wrinkly this is a major sign you are underwatering your plant.

Sticking your finger in the soil is always the best way to figure out if the soil is too wet or too dry.

How often will a braided money bonsai tree need watering?

A braided money tree bonsai will need to be watered a whole lot less than most other bonsai trees, you may only have to water this bonsai once per week during the summer and a whole lot less during the winter months.

You should actually let the soil nearly become completely dry in between waterings and how long this takes will depend on your local climate and household temperature.

You should let the soil become especially dry before you water it during the winter months as the last thing you want to do with this bonsai is let the roots be constantly wet as this will lead to root rot and the end of your ‘good luck’ money tree.

How much water will a braided money bonsai tree need?

Braided money bonsai trees will need less water than most other bonsai trees but the exact amount depends on varying factors.

The factors that will determine how much water your bonsai will need are the climate, soil composition, and temperature you keep your house.

You should try adding one cup of water per week and see how your tree does if it shows signs of underwatering add more water more often if it shows signs of underwatering you should add less water.

You really have to learn what is best for your own bonsai and this just takes some love, time, and practice.

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Temperature Requirements

Although this bonsai is native to tropical regions is will do just fine in the standard temperature most people keep their homes…

Does a braided money bonsai tree like humid conditions?

The braided money bonsai tree is a tropical plant so the more tropical conditions you can create for it the better it will do.

This means you have to attempt to create a humid environment for it if you want it to absolutely thrive.

The easiest way to create a humid environment for plants is to use a humidity tray, this is a tray that is filled with pebbles to sit your bonsai on then water underneath the pebbles so your bonsai never touches that water, when the water evaporates it will create humidity.

An alternative way to create humidity is to give your bonsai a regular misting of water but you have to make sure the leaves dry out in between mistings otherwise you may create a mold or fungus problem.

What is the ideal temperature for a braided money bonsai tree?

This is a tropical bonsai tree so it will do best in hotter conditions, the ideal temperature to grow a braided money bonsai tree would be a temperature that is consistently between 70 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

This bonsai will grow fine in most peoples standard household temperature however don’t let your bonsai get below a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit or that may be the end of your braided money bonsai tree.


For healthy and vigorous growth using a fertilizer product is the best idea but not all year long…

Will you need to fertilize your braided money bonsai tree?

Because you grow bonsai in a small pot or container with a limited amount of soil your braided money bonsai tree will eventually drain all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy out of the soil.

The only real option for the long-term health of a bonsai tree is to use fertilizer products and for even more success there are additional supplements you can add to the soil that encourage the soil to create extra nutrients for an extra healthy bonsai tree.

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How often to fertilize a braided money bonsai tree?

It is important that you never use too much fertilizer or apply it too often as it could burn the roots of your bonsai and if this happens severely enough it could be the end of your braided money bonsai tree.

If you use a liquid fertilizer you should only apply it once or twice per month during the growing season from March to September and always apply it at half the recommended strength to avoid the dreaded root burn.

If you use slow-release fertilizer pellets you shouldn’t constantly replace them and you should only add pellets once at the start of spring and once in the middle of summer and that should be sufficient.

Never use fertilizer on a braided money bonsai tree during the winter months.

What is the best type of fertilizer to use for a braided money bonsai tree?

The most important thing is that you do actually use fertilizer to replenish the soil as the tree will use up all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy.

Liquid fertilizer

A liquid fertilizer is the most common type of fertilizer you will find and you could use an all-purpose fertilizer, it doesn’t even have to be a bonsai specialist one. You should always use liquid fertilizer at half the recommended strength.

Slow-release pellets

My favorite because you don’t have to mix it like most liquid fertilizers. Simply sprinkle some pellets on top of the soil and it will get slowly absorbed into the soil every time you water your tree

Organic fertilizer

There are many organic fertilizer products you can use on your bonsai tree, organic seaweed fertilizer is a great choice. I find chemical fertilizer works fine and it doesn’t really matter too much because you’re not going to eat produce from the money tree.


Pruning is an essential task when you own an indoor braided money tree or any other indoor bonsai tree…

How often will you have to prune a braided money bonsai tree?

It is recommended that you carry out a major pruning during the springtime so that it is just starting its growing phase and will have the energy to heal itself from the cuts you make.

Throughout the year if you notice any dead leaves or branches you should cut them off as this will direct the energy into growing fresh leaves or branches.

Similarly, if you notice any branches or leaves that are growing in an undesired direction you should cut them off, it’s your tree and your vision, you don’t have to suffer all year until the next scheduled major pruning session.

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How to prune and shape a braided money bonsai tree?

Pruning and shaping your braided money bonsai tree really is the art of owning bonsai and it’s up to you to create your own bonsai vision.

There is really no correct way to shape a bonsai just do what you want to create the bonsai style you desire.


When it’s spring it’s time to give your money tree its major trim for the year.

When you cut off leaves or branches it will encourage the tree to produce fresh growth so don’t be too timid when you are trimming this bonsai.

I like to cut the branches on my money tree right back so there are only one or two pairs of leaves left on the branch, this is the best way to achieve vigorous growth throughout the summer growing season.


You can use bonsai wire on the money tree if you want to train the branches to grow in a certain direction.

The trick when using wire is to not wrap it too tightly and don’t keep it on for too long. Keep an eye on the wiring and when it gets too tight remove it before it has a chance to cut into the branches of your tree.


A braided money bonsai tree is actually a group of trees (normally 5) that have been braided together to look like one larger tree.

To maintain or create the braided look you may want to use a soft string to wrap around the braided area to keep it in shape without digging in like wire can sometimes do.

You should remove any fresh growth that is coming from the bottom of the tree and growth from the bottom can often be potted to grow new trees if that’s what you desire.


To keep your braided money bonsai tree healthy you will need to repot it every so often…

Will you need to re-pot a braided money bonsai tree?

Any plant that is grown indoors will grow more slowly than plants that grow outdoors or in the wild but you will still have to re=pot them every so often to keep them growing healthy and strong.

To keep a braided money bonsai tree thriving it’s a good idea to repot it every 2 years.

When you are repotting you don’t actually have to put it into a larger pot you can simply prune the roots and put it back into the same pot.

If you repot it into a slightly larger pot your bonsai will grow slightly larger and if you do this every 2 years you will end up with a full-sized tree in your house which is not ideal.

How to re-pot a braided money bonsai tree?

It’s really not difficult to repot a money tree but when you get it right you can rest assured it will grow healthy for many more years.

This is how I repot my braided money bonsai tree:

  • Use a sharp knife and run it around the inside of the pot or container to loosen any roots that may have become attached to the inside of the pot.
  • Turn your bonsai upside down and shake and jiggle it until you can completely remove it from its container or pot.
  • Scrape and shake the soil so that there is none or as little as possible left attached to the root ball.
  • Now scrape at the roots so that about 25% of them are sticking out and loose around the edges.
  • Use a sharp pair of scissors or cutting tool and cut off the 25% of roots you have just loosened.
  • Put your bonsai back in its pot or a slightly larger pot and fill it up with a well-draining quality bonsai soil.

After carrying out this process your braided money bonsai tree should grow healthy and strong for at least another couple of years.

I hope you have found some useful information in this braided money bonsai tree for sale article with a care guide.

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