7 Surprisingly Easy Fruits To Grow Indoors

easy to grow indoor fruits

I don’t believe there is anything more satisfying than successfully growing fruit indoors.

Most people believe that it would be difficult to achieve this but there are lots of fruits that are actually perfectly suited for indoor growing and in this article, I’m going to list 7 easy fruits to grow indoors.

The temperature in your home I’m sure will be close to perfect for growing fruit and there are a lot of fruits that don’t actually need that much light so if you just position them in front of a window they will do just fine.

When you do this you will undoubtedly receive lots of compliments and it is definitely a conversation starter to have a fruit-bearing plant in your home.


strawberries easy to grow indoors

Everyone loves strawberries but most people don’t realize they are easy to grow indoors.

This is because they don’t require that much light and they are small in size so it is easy to put a bunch of them in a pot and stick them on your windowsill in a planter.

The temperature in your home will be close to ideal for growing strawberries as strawberries do well in hot temperatures in fact strawberries do well in most temperatures as long as it’s not frosty and if your house gets frosty inside you have problems. Check my full growing guide for more details.

I do love growing strawberries indoors and I find it difficult to not eat them straight off the plant, When I do manage to not eat them I like to use them to make fresh strawberry milkshakes using my juicer.

When you’re growing strawberries indoors the thing you have to watch out for is the plants getting too dry as they can dry out quite quickly due to the heat of your home, you should check your strawberry plants every day to see how dry they are and water them when appropriate.


fresh picked cucamelons that have been grown inside

Most people don’t even know what Cucamelons are nevermind the fact they’re a brilliant plant for growing indoors around your window.

The official name for Cucamelons is Melothria Scabra, Cucamelons have a few other names and are also known as mouse melons, Mexican sour gherkin or Mexican sour watermelon.

Cucamelon plants grow small fruit that is about the size of grapes but they taste of like a mix of sour cucumbers and lime but when they are growing they look like mini watermelons. Check my full growing guide here.

Cucamelons grow on a thin line and this is one of the reasons I recommend them for going in tomorrow because you can simply wrap the vine around about your window and they will definitely receive enough weight to draw some healthy Cucamelon fruits.


easy to grow lemons indoors

People are normally surprised when I tell them that lemons are one of the easiest fruit to grow indoors as most people presume they need tropical heat and constant sunshine to grow healthily but this is a wrong presumption.

I love making fresh lemonade out of the harvest I get from my indoor lemon tree (I get about 1 jug per harvest).

Lemons are one of the most popular fruits for growing indoors, this is because you don’t need much light to successfully grow a lemon tree and it can be done with as little as 6 hours sunlight. Check my full growing guide.

A dwarf Meyer lemon tree is probably the most popular choice for people who want to grow a lemon tree indoors but there are many other options that are also perfectly suited for growing indoors.

If you want to get your lemon tree to produce lots of lemons and you’ll have to get it as much light as possible and maybe even consider using an LED grow light. When growing fruit indoors I always recommend that you use fruit fertilizer as this will benefit your tree and give you more chance of fruit production indoors.

Check out my article on lemon tree varieties.


mulberries easy to grow indoors

A Mulberry Bush as an excellent choice if you want to grow fruit indoors.

A Mulberry Bush in the wild can grow into a 10 ft tall bush so if you want to grow one indoors it is a simple job to prune it and keep it down to maybe 4 or 5 feet or smaller if you want a bonsai tree.

The best thing about a Mulberry Bush is that you should be able to get 3-4 harvests out of your bush every year so you can collect a decent amount of mulberries. Check my full growing guide here.

You can successfully grow a Mulberry Bush indoors as long as you get it around 6 hours of sunlight and it doesn’t even have to be direct sunlight so you should be able to achieve this by placing it either in front of a window or on a window sill.

The main problem of growing a Mulberry bush indoors is that you have to constantly make sure it has not dried out as this can happen quite quickly due to indoor temperatures.

You should get into the routine of regularly watering your mulberry bush and while you’re at it you should also get into the routine of using fertilizer as this greatly helps indoor plants.


easy to grow indoors blueberries

A blueberry bush is another bush that produces berries and is a good choice for growing indoors due to the fact you can keep it down to the size of a little bush which is perfect if you want to use it as a houseplant.

Blueberries are an excellent plant to grow in low light situations as it only requires 6-8 hours of sunlight for it to successfully produce lots of berries. Check my full growing guide here.

I think blueberries are super tasty and they are incredibly healthy this is why I love to grow them, if you are serious about your bush producing lots of berries that might be a good idea to use an LED grow lamp as the more light you can get your bush the more berries it will produce.

There are so many different varieties of blueberry bush available that you’ll definitely be able to find one that is perfect for your local climate and you can even choose a bonsai blueberry bush if you are more interested in decoration than producing massive amounts of blueberries.


easy to grow bananas indoors

Are you surprised that bananas are on this list of easy fruits to grow indoors?

Bananas are a really good choice for growing indoors some people think because in the wild they grow into a massive tree that it has to be that way but if you choose a dwarf variety and prune it correctly it can be kept down to a reasonable size that is suitable for your house.

Banana plants only require around 6 to 12 hours sunlight every day which is achievable for most people by placing it on a sunny windowsill or in a conservatory. Check my full growing guide here.

The bananas I grow indoors are from the super dwarf Cavendish variety as fully grown that only grows to just over 1 meter tall which is perfect for use as a houseplant.

I’m sure the temperature in your home will be perfect for growing bananas but you will have to watch out that your plants soil doesn’t completely dry out as this can happen quickly when using indoor temperatures, I normally water my banana plant every 1 or 2 days.

To keep your banana plant healthy you should prune it every year after you have harvested the bananas and get into the routine of using a banana plant fertilizer to keep it totally thriving.


pineapple easy to grow indoors

Pineapple is an excellent choice of fruit for growing indoors and it is really simple to grow even from a store bought pineapple.

Some people recommend you simply cut the top off and plant it in soil but if you do this it will stink of rotten pineapple before it starts to sprout roots.

I recommend you hold on to the leaves at the top and twist the top off, this way you don’t have to suffer the rotten pineapple smell.

It is easy to start growing a pineapple but it does require around 12 hours of sunlight if you want the plant to actually produce a new pineapple, if you get it less light it will still grow healthy it just won’t produce that new pineapple.

If you are serious about growing a new pineapple you should consider using an Led grow light as they are pretty inexpensive to purchase and operate.

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Easy Fruits To Grow Indoors
Easy Fruits To Grow Indoors

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