Golden Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree For Sale

Golden Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree For Sale + Care Guide

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If you are new to bonsai and you are looking for a great bonsai tree for beginners then the Golden Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai (arboricola schefflera ‘luseanne’) would definitely be a good choice.

This is definitely one of the easiest indoor bonsai trees for beginners to try out their luck at growing bonsai and that’s why I have made this golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree for sale article with a care guide to give you advice and the best chance of successfully turning your bonsai vision into reality.

This bonsai tree is completely versatile when it comes to lighting conditions and that means p[ractically anyone can grow it practically anywhere regardless of whether you have low light or very bright lighting conditions.

This bonsai is an ideal gift for someone as you can grow it in a home, office, or student dorm just as long as you can get it some pretty average amounts light. It’s called a Hawaiian umbrella bonsai because the leaves are shaped like tiny umbrellas and when you get it right they will grow into a thick canopy.

Reasons you should buy a Golden Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree:

  • It’s a very affordable entry-level bonsai tree
  • Can successfully grow in Low/ average/ high lighting conditions
  • A great bonsai gift for the student dorm, home, or office.
  • Even beginners can successfully grow this bonsai tree

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Is A Golden Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree poisonous?

You should definitely be aware that the golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree is actually poisonous.

You should wash your hands if you come into contact with any sap when you are trimming the branches.

Also, if you own any pets or children that may decide to chew on the leaves of this tree you should maybe avoid this variety of bonsai.

Light Requirements

It’s a little tree so the more sunlight you can get it the better it will grow…

How much sunlight does a golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai need?

The Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree doesn’t need as much sun as some other varieties of bonsai. If you get it 3 or 4 hours of sunlight by placing it on a windowsill this bonsai will grow just fine.

If you think you are going to struggle to get enough sunlight you should use an led grow light, there are some really good budget options that actually work you should check out my full article on grow lights that actually work.

What type of light is best for golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai?

The best place to grow a golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree would be in a south-facing window that gets light all day.

The longer you can get this bonsai in sunlight the smaller the leaves will grow and that makes it look better and more bonsai. Is a bonsai really a bonsai if it has massive out of proportion leaves growing to give it a bigger surface area to get the light it requires every day?

This bonsai will also grow fine in a bright room, It’s just that as with all trees the more light you can get it the more it will thrive.


To keep your Hawaiian umbrella bonsai growing healthy you just have to make sure you never let its soil completely dry out…

How to tell if your golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai needs watered?

The Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree will let you know if you are getting your watering schedule wrong by giving you signals you should look out for:

  • If you are consistently overwatering your Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree the leaves will start to turn black.
  • If you are not watering enough your Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree leaves will start to curl at the ends.

You should avoid watering bonsai to an exact schedule and only water when you think it actually needs water. When you own a bonsai you will learn quickly enough what the signs are that it needs water or if you have been watering it too much.

How often will a golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai need watering?

The golden Hawaiian umbrella tree is a rare type of bonsai that loves water and humidity but doesn’t like to be constantly soaked.

You should always make sure the soil is beginning to dry out between watering without letting it get completely dry.

Keep an eye on the soil and if it looks like it’s drying out stick your finger in and if it feels dry it’s time to give it some water.

You may only need to water your golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree 3 times per week but keep an eye on it during the hottest months because you will have to water it when it needs water which may be as often as every day during summer.

How much water will a golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai need?

The Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree doesn’t need to be watered as often as some bonsai trees but you have to give it plenty to drink when it is watering time.

When you water the Hawaiian umbrella bonsai you should pour water into its pot or container and keep pouring until it starts to drip out the holes in the bottom of the pot.

It is also a good idea to use a humidity tray with this bonsai because although it likes to be starting to dry in between watering, it absolutely likes and needs to be grown in a humid environment.

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Temperature requirements

The golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree is a subtropical variety so it will need to be kept in warm conditions making it a great choice for an indoor bonsai…

Does a golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai like humid conditions?

In the wild, you will find the Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree growing and thriving in areas like mangroves or swampy areas so it is best to try and recreate those humid conditions if you want it to thrive.

You may want to invest in a humidity tray, this is a tray that you keep below your bonsai and as the water evaporates it will cause humidity around your bonsai tree.

Alternatively, you could simply give your bonsai a good misting a few times per week although you will need to let the leaves become completely dry in between otherwise you may start a fungus or mold problem.

What’s the maximum temperature for a Hawaiian umbrella bonsai?

If you live somewhere in the south it is possible to move this bonsai outdoors for the summer months but don’t even try it if you live somewhere in the north with cooler weather.

There really is no limit to the temperature this bonsai can handle just as long as you never let the soil completely dry out as it thrives in humid conditions. The ideal growing temperature for a golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree would be between 60 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit in a humid environment.

What’s the minimum temperature for a Hawaiian umbrella bonsai?

Because the golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree is a subtropical variety it is not very tolerant of cold weather and it will probably not survive if it is kept in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most people grow this bonsai indoors all year long and it is a good variety if you are looking for a bonsai houseplant that will grow healthy in a standard household temperature without any specialist requirements.


You will have to use fertilizer because the Hawaiian umbrella bonsai will quickly drain all the nutrients out of its small pot…

Will you need to fertilize your golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai?

The Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree will definitely need to be fertilized on a regular basis as like all bonsai you will be in a constant battle to keep the soil rich in nutrients.

The nutrients the bonsai feeds off of will need to be replaced otherwise your bonsai tree will not survive when the soil it grows in becomes barren of all the nutrients and good stuff that it uses to feed itself.

How long would you be able to survive without feeding yourself the basic nutrients you need for survival?

How often to fertilize a golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai?

It is best to feed your Hawaiian umbrella a little bit of fertilizer on a regular basis.

If you are using a liquid-based fertilizer I would recommend you apply it once every 3 weeks during the summer growing season and change that to once every 6 weeks during the cooler and slower-growing winter months.

If you are using a slow-release fertilizer product like pellets you should apply it sparingly and don’t be overgenerous because if you use too much fertilizer it can cause the leaves to grow massive and that could ruin the overall look of your bonsai, the best look is a bonsai with small leaves that look in proportion with your small bonsai.

What is the best type of fertilizer to use for golden Hawaiian umbrella Bonsai?

For a golden Hawaiian bonsai tree, I would recommend that you use a low nitrogen fertilizer product as this type of fertilizer will encourage healthy growth but should not result in the leaves growing massive.

I like to use a slow-release bonsai fertilizer because it means I don’t need to go through the hassle of mixing up a liquid fertilizer solution.

I actually have a full article on the best bonsai fertilizer products and supplements. You should have a read of that and any product you use from that page will do a great job of keeping your bonsai growing healthy and strong.


To create your bonsai vision and keep your tree small you will definitely have to regularly prune your tree…

How often will you have to prune the golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree?

To keep your Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree in good shape and growing healthy and strong it is a good idea to prune this beautiful bonsai regularly throughout the year.

I prune my golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree three times per year – once in the spring, once midsummer, and once at the end of summer.

By trimming this variety of bonsai regularly you will encourage the canopy to grow thick and also the trunk to develop into a thick trunk that looks just like an adult tree.

It can be difficult to train a golden Hawaiian bonsai to grow like a traditional Japanese bonsai style and most people opt for an informal upright style that can look awesome because of the above-ground aerial roots that will start growing down from low branches.

How to trim a golden Hawaiian umbrella Bonsai tree?

With a golden Hawaiian bonsai, I always find it is best to trim a little bit off but do it often compared to some other varieties that I recommend a severe pruning during the spring.

These are the steps I use to prune my golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree:

  • Always use sharp shears or cutting tools because if you don’t get clean cuts it can impact the long-term health of your bonsai.
  • First cut off any leaves that appear to be dying or have become unhealthy, if any branches are unhealthy cut them right back so they are flush to the trunk of the tree.
  • Look for new shoots that have grown and you should remove about half of them, never remove all the new shoots because leaving some will help energize the plant and encourage it to grow strong and healthy.
  • You should use the pinching technique to trim the branches at the top of your bonsai as this should stop them growing up the ways and encourage branches to grow sideways and thicken the canopy.

I prune and trim my Hawaiian bonsai tree throughout the year when I notice leaves or branches are starting to grow in a way that is not in tune with my bonsai vision.

You could probably get away with doing a major prune once in spring but that is not what I do for this variety of bonsai.


Most bonsai do need to be repotted from time to time and the golden Hawaiian umbrella Bonsai tree is no different…

Will you need to re-pot a golden Hawaiian umbrella Bonsai tree?

The golden Hawaiian bonsai tree is a relatively slow-growing bonsai tree which means you won’t have to re-pot it very often.

To keep your Hawaiian umbrella bonsai growing healthy and strong you will probably have to re-pot it every 2 – 5 years but this will largely depend on a number of factors such as the climate you keep it in, fertilizing habits, and how much light you get it.

The telltale sign I look for to determine if my bonsai has become rootbound and requires repotting is to look out for the roots starting to push the tree upwards so that the base of the tree is actually rising above the rim of its pot.

How to re-pot a golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree?

If you have decided your Hawaiian umbrella bonsai needs to be repotted to keep it growing healthy then it is important you carry out this important task at the right time of year so you can avoid causing your bonsai to become unhealthy.

The best time to repot a golden Hawaiian bonsai tree is the end of spring or the start of summer.

To re-pot your golden Hawaiian bonsai:

  • Remove your bonsai and all of its soil from its pot.
  • Remove as much soil as possible from the roots by shaking scraping or whatever method you find works best.
  • Go around the root ball and loosen some roots around the edges and aim to loosen 25 – 30%.
  • Use scissors, shears, or any sort of sharp clipping tool and cut off the 25 – 30% of roots you have loosened.
  • You can put your newly trimmed bonsai back in its pot or upgrade the pot to a larger one.
  • Fill up your pot with high-quality bonsai soil for best results and give it a good amount of water.

I hope you have found some useful information in this golden Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree for sale article and care guide that will give you a greater chance of success in our bonsai hobby.

Please have a browse of some more of my useful articles.


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