Summer Lawn Care: How To Stay Cool When Mowing The Lawn

Learn how to stay cool while mowing the lawn whether its hot weather or extreme heat get your lawn care done in comfort

How To Stay Cool When Mowing The Lawn

Mowing the lawn can be a daunting task, especially on hot summer days. But it doesn’t have to be unbearable- there are plenty of ways to stay cool while completing the chore.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can stay cool while cutting the grass from start to finish.

We’ll discuss why preparation is key and provide tips for staying safe in extreme heat. We’ll look at what clothing you should wear and which tools will make your job easier.

Finally, we’ll offer advice about hydration and sun protection so that you don’t overheat or get injured during the process. Read on to learn more!

Tips for Staying Cool While Mowing the Lawn

  • Prepare for safety extreme heat
  • Wear appropriate clothing for comfort and sun protection
  • Use tools to make mowing easier and less strenuous
  • Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun’s rays

Prepare For The Heat

How To Beat The Heat - Lawn Care Tips And Advice - Staying Cool Through Summer

Mowing the lawn can be a hot and grueling job, so it’s important to prepare for the heat.

Scheduling breaks during your mow is essential – take a break every 15-20 minutes or whenever you start feeling overheated.

Staying shaded when possible will also help keep you cool; consider investing in an umbrella hat if there aren’t any trees around.

Furthermore, make sure that you stay properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after doing yard work.

To ensure optimal cooling-off time, try to avoid cutting grass during the hottest part of the day.

Doing so will allow for more comfortable temperatures while working outdoors and will make yard work much easier on yourself.

With these tips in mind, let’s now look at what type of clothing is best suited for keeping cool while mowing the lawn.

Wear Appropriate Clothing When Mowing Your Lawn In Hot Weather

Tips for Mowing Your Lawn in Hot Weather:

  • Plan ahead and wear appropriate clothing.
  • Put on sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.
  • Wear comfortable, lightweight clothes that cover your body.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat for extra protection.
stay cool while mowing the lawn

When mowing the lawn, it’s essential to plan ahead and wear appropriate clothing.

Before heading out, put on sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays, and wear comfortable, lightweight clothes that cover as much of your body as possible. This will help keep you cool while also protecting yourself from any flying debris or irritants in the air.

Additionally, try wearing a wide-brimmed hat to provide extra protection for your face and neck. Taking these steps will help ensure you stay safe, cool, and comfortable while mowing the lawn.

Stay safe, cool, and comfortable while mowing your lawn.

To further keep things running smoothly, make sure to use the appropriate tools when tackling this task.

Use The Appropriate Tools

Learn how to keep cool while mowing the lawn

Nothing is more frustrating than working up a sweat while mowing the lawn. 

To keep cool, it’s important to make sure you have the right equipment for the job – choose wisely and don’t be afraid to seek advice from professionals or experienced gardeners.

With the correct tools in hand, your work will not only be easier but much cooler as well!

To ensure you stay comfortable during your next yard project, remember to hydrate yourself and protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays – these two steps are essential when tackling any outdoor activity.

Stay Hydrated And Protected From The Sun To Avoid Heatstroke

When mowing the lawn, staying hydrated and protected from the sun is important. To keep cool, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout your activity. It is also essential to apply a generous amount of sunblock lotion before starting your task.

Here are some additional tips for keeping cool while mowing:


  • Wear lightweight clothes that cover most of your body.
  • Opt for light colors such as white or beige since they reflect sunlight better than darker hues.
  • Put on a hat with a brim to protect your face from harmful UV rays.


  •  Carry an umbrella to provide shade if possible.
  • Consider wearing sunglasses to shield your eyes from the glare off grass blades or other reflective surfaces nearby.
  •  Bring along a handheld fan for extra cooling when needed.

Finally, take breaks regularly in shaded areas and monitor yourself for any signs of heat exhaustion or dehydration during your activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Temperature Is Too Hot To Mow The Lawn?

Mowing the lawn can be a hot and tiring task, especially when it’s done in high temperatures.

Generally speaking, any temperature over 88°F is considered too hot to mow your lawn safely.

To avoid heat exhaustion or dehydration, make sure to take regular water breaks and apply sunscreen lotion before heading out for this outdoor chore.

Is It Better To Mow In The Morning Or Evening?

When mowing the lawn, many people wonder whether it is better to do so in the morning or evening.

Generally speaking, mornings are cooler than evenings and therefore less strenuous work for your body; however, you should also take into consideration how hot it will get during the day.

If temperatures rise too high during the afternoon, then it may be best to mow earlier on in the day while temperature levels remain low.

In order to stay cool when doing this activity, make sure you take plenty of water breaks and wear sunscreen protection throughout.

How Can I Protect Myself From Heat Exhaustion While Mowing?

Mowing the lawn can be a strenuous task, especially during hot summer days.

To protect yourself from heat exhaustion while mowing, it is important to take the following precautions:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Wear sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 30.
  • Wear light-colored clothing that covers your skin.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat for further protection against the sun’s rays.
  • Take frequent breaks in the shade to give your body a chance to cool off and relax while you rest.

What Kind Of Tools Should I Use For Mowing?

When it comes to lawn care, safety should always be the top priority.

There are many tools that can make mowing a safe and efficient task – such as gas-powered or electric push mowers, weed whackers, edgers, and blowers.

Be sure to equip yourself with protective gear like gloves, long pants, and sturdy shoes before you start mowing.

Wear light colors, a hat, and sunscreen for protection from the sun’s rays too.

With these simple steps in mind, you’ll be ready to tackle your yard with ease.

What Clothes Are Best For Mowing In Hot Weather?

Wearing the right clothes when mowing in hot weather is essential for keeping cool.

Long sleeves and light-colored, loose-fitting fabrics are ideal as they help to reflect the sun’s heat away from your body.

Sunscreen should also be applied liberally before any outdoor activity so that you don’t get burned or suffer from dehydration during your lawn care routine.


It’s important to be aware of the temperature when mowing your lawn. If it’s too hot, you should wait until either the morning or evening.

Before you start, make sure you have all the right tools and clothes for keeping cool while out in the sun. Wear light colors and breathable fabrics that will help keep air circulating around your body.

Drink lots of water before and during mowing so you don’t suffer from heat exhaustion.

Taking these steps can help ensure that your lawnmower stays cool even on hot summer days!

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