23 Recommended Indoor Fruit Trees For Sale

  • Date: December 20, 2022
  • Time to read: 12 min.

So you want to grow fruit indoors in your house or apartment and aren’t sure what fruit is best to grow or even if it is possible.

Not only is it possible, but fruits are well suited for growing indoors as the temperature in your house is probably close to the ideal temperature for growing fruit. In this article, you can check the price of 23 indoor fruit trees for sale that I have myself already successfully grown indoors.

When it comes to getting light for your indoor crop most people are surprised to learn most fruit trees or plants will grow healthily with as little as 6 hours sunlight and many varieties don’t even need direct sunlight simply being in a bright room will do.

When it comes to how much fruit your indoor crop will produce light does matter in this instance, the more light your tree or plant receives will likely correspond to how much fruit will be produced.

If you don’t have a conservatory or south-facing window suitable for growing your crop near then you may want to consider using an LED grow lamp if you are serious about getting a big harvest.

Don’t let this put you off as LED grow lamps are inexpensive to buy and operate and it is all worthwhile when you see the fruits of your labor. I’ve got articles on Affordable Grow Lights and Grow Light Strips you should check out. Leave a comment at the end and let me know what you think.

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Here are the fruits I recommend for growing indoors:

1. Cucamelon

cuamelons are a good fruit for growing indoors

The Cucamelon plant is the number 1 on my list because they grow the cutest little fruits.

Originally from Mexico, they are also known as Melothria Scabra or Mexican sour cucumbers or Mexican Mouse Melons, they look like mini watermelons but taste like a mix or lime and cucumber and are about the size of grapes.

Cucamelon plants are ideal for growing indoors because they only require 6 hours sunlight and as they grow on a small vine you can train them to grow around your window on a trellis system.

Cucamelons start slowly but when they get going they are fast growing and will produce plenty of fruits with not much effort required.

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2. Figs

a fruit you can grow indoors

Fig trees are incredibly versatile and suited to growing indoors whether you live in a hot or cool climate you will find a suitable variety.

Wild fig trees can grow to 18 foot tall but if you choose a small or dwarf variety and prune it regularly it can easily be kept under control at about 5 or 6 feet.

Fig trees are a great choice for growing indoors as they don’t even need direct sunlight so if you have one in the corner of a bright room that doesn’t receive much direct light it will still do fine.

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3. Blueberries

blueberries are a fruit you can grow indoors

Blueberries are my favorite type of berry and are a great choice for growing indoors as it is simple enough to maintain a small productive bush on your windowsill.

Blueberries only need 6 – 8 hours of daylight to grow healthy and produce berries. Blueberries will do fine in a smallish pot that is only 12 inches deep so you don’t need much space to grow these tasty berries.

Whatever climate you live in hot or cool I’m sure you will find a suitable variety that with careful pruning will thrive and produce berries for you.

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4. White Strawberries

white strawberries are a fruit you can grow indoors

Lots of people don’t even know what white strawberries are, there are many varieties but the ones I choose to grow are called pineberries.

What’s different about these strange white strawberries I hear you think? They taste like a mix between strawberries and pineapple, hence the name pineberries and I would recommend growing them even just for the novelty factor.

Pineberries only require 6 hours of light daily to grow a healthy crop and I’m pretty sure they will be suited to the temperature in your household unless you live in the arctic!

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5. Cherries

grow a dwarf cherry tree in an apartment

I love cherries and they are one of the best trees for growing in low light situations so that makes them ideal for growing indoors.

There are so many varieties of cherry trees you will find one suitable for your local climate. Wild cherry trees can grow up to 8 meters tall so I would recommend growing a dwarf variety that you can easily prune and keep it at 2 or 3 meters tall.

Did you know you can even grow a cherry tree from a pit although it can take 4 or 5 years to be mature enough to produce cherries?

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6. Bananas

a banana plant can be grown indoors

Who would have thought you could grow bananas indoors?

The temperature in your home is probably perfect for growing bananas! There are many different varieties of bananas so you will find one suitable for growing indoors.

Choose one of the dwarf varieties otherwise you will end up with a 30-foot tree in your house and that is not ideal.

To grow a banana plant indoors that produces bananas it will need between 6 – 12 hours of sunlight so if you have a south-facing window or a conservatory that would be ideal.

Having bananas growing in your house is definitely a satisfying achievement.

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7. Grapes

a grapevine is a fruit that can be grown indoors

Grapes are a good choice for growing indoors even if you don’t have much space.

I use a fairly big 18 inches deep pot but grapes grow on a vine so when it starts to grow I train them to grow around my window by using string. This means you can get a big harvest even if you only have a small space for growing them in.

Grapes will grow healthy with as little as only 7 hours light daily and this is easily achievable in most houses if you simply use my method of growing your vine around your window.

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8. Watermelon

watermelon can be grown in an apartment

There is little that is more satisfying than growing watermelons indoors.

Perhaps this is not one for beginners to indoor gardening but with a little effort, it is possible to grow juicy watermelons indoors.

The difficult part is you will have to erect a trellis system to make the vines grow up the way and then have support for the melons when they get heavy.

If you have a bright room or conservatory that gets 8 hours light then I would recommend growing juicy watermelons for an incredibly satisfying experience.

I love eating the watermelons I have grown in my house!

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9. Lemons

grow a lemon tree in your house

A lemon tree is an excellent choice for growing indoors as you can choose one of the many dwarf varieties like the Dwarf Meyer lemon tree that is suitable for growing on a windowsill.

A lemon tree only requires around 7 hours of light daily so it is perfect if you have a south-facing window or conservatory but it will do fine if you have a bright room.

I would recommend buying a young tree as it can take up to 6 years for a lemon tree to become mature enough to produce fruit.

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10. Pineapple

grow pineapple in your house

Pineapple is one of the simplest fruits for growing indoors, simply cut the top off a pineapple and plant it in soil and you have the start of your pineapple plant.

The catch is that pineapple plants do require quite a lot of light, 12 hours daily is ideal so you might want to invest in an LED grow light if you are serious about eating your homegrown pineapple.

With less light, the plant will still grow fine but it might not produce any actual pineapples and I think that kind of defeats the purpose.

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11. Strawberries

strawberries are a good choice for growing indoors

Everyone loves strawberries and they are one of the most popular fruits for growing indoors due to the small size of the plants, this means they are ideal for a windowsill.

Strawberry plants don’t need that much light to successfully bear fruit, only 6 hours light is required although more light will probably result in more strawberries.

There is a wide range of strawberry planters that are made for growing strawberries so whatever space you have for your indoor garden you will find a suitable strawberry container on the market.

I grow strawberries in a planter that has several levels so I can fit 4 layers of strawberries in the space for one pot.

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12. Papaya

papaya is ready to pick when it starts to turn yellow

Papaya is probably not a good plant for someone who is a beginner to indoor gardening as it can be quite difficult to successfully make it grow fruits for harvesting.

Having said that there are that many seeds inside papaya that I always find it tempting to grow a new tree and maybe you do as well.

If you follow the instructions on this blog for growing papaya you will be able to successfully grow papaya indoors and with a lot of love and a bit of luck, you will grow healthy papaya that produces fruits.

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13. Mulberries

you can grow mulberries indoors

Mulberries are one of the best plants for growing indoors and I recommend them for beginners as they don’t take much effort, just make sure you prune it regularly to keep it a small bush.

If you don’t prune your indoor mulberry tree they are incredibly fast growing so you could soon have a massive tree or bush in your house and that is not ideal.

Mulberries can sometimes produce 3 harvests per year and I normally just pick them off and eat them as they ripen.

It never fails to amaze me how much better fruit and berries you have grown yourself taste compared to store-bought products.

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14. Apricots

apricots grown indoors

Apricots are ideal for growing indoors as most varieties are self-pollinating which means you only need one tree.

Pick one of the many dwarf varieties so you don’t end up with a massive tree in your house.

Apricot trees don’t take much effort to successfully grow a decent harvest that’s why I recommend them, even for beginners.

The only difficulty you may have to overcome is that they require a period of cool weather during its dormant period which can be difficult if you live in a desert.

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15. Peaches

Grow fruit indoors

If you want to grow fruit indoors a peach tree would be an excellent choice.

They are relatively disease-free compared to some other fruit trees.

The main reason I recommend peach trees is because they are ideal for a low light environment like inside a house or apartment and can grow healthy and produce fruit with as little as 4 hours daily light.

Just make sure your indoor peach tree gets enough of a chill during the winter months otherwise it might not produce any fruit the following season.

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16. Cape Gooseberries

cape gooseberry plant grown indoors

Cape gooseberries are one of the most amazing rare fruits I have grown.

They just look stunningly amazing and are one of the simplest fruits you can grow indoors.

Cape gooseberries thrive on a state of near neglect, just plant them and make sure they have enough water and that is about it for care, don’t use fertilizer or anything and just watch them grow the almost magical fruits in lanterns.

When you show your friends these plants everyone will want to have a try at growing them, why don’t you give them some seeds as every berry has around 500 seeds in them, kind of like a tomato.

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17. Pomegranates

pomegranate grown indoors

A dwarf pomegranate tree is an excellent choice if you want to grow fruit indoors as the only grow to 4 feet tall.

There are bonsai varieties of pomegranate tree available that do look awesome for a house plant although the fruit on these varieties does not taste the best.

There are that many seeds in every pomegranate and they are the tasty part you eat, you may as well give growing them a try. Although, I would definitely recommend you buy a variety that is a dwarf for growing indoors.

Pomegranate trees only require 4-5 hours of sunlight so are perfect if you have a house with a low light situation but still want to grow a fruit tree as a houseplant.

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18. Avocado

avocado grown indoors

Avocado is one of the easiest fruit plants to start growing from the pit, all you do is submerge the pit half in water and leave it to sprout.

It is definitely difficult to get them to actually produce avocado fruit indoors but they are a beautiful plant for growing nonetheless.

I would recommend growing an avocado plant to people who are beginners to indoor or apartment gardening as they are so simple and only require around 6-8 hours sunlight which you can get by placing them next to a window.

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19. Nectarines

dwarf nectarine grown indoors

A nectarine tree is a popular fruit tree for growing indoors in a house or apartment because every nectarine has a pit inside that you can use to start a tree.

You can prune them and keep them relatively small and they only require 6 hours of sunlight to keep them healthy.

I would recommend you buy a dwarf variety so you grow a dwarf tree but if you do grow one from a store-bought pit simply severely prune it every year to keep it small.

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20. Guava

guava grown indoors

If you want to grow fruit indoors a guava tree is an excellent choice because you can choose a variety that only grows to 4-5 feet tall.

Guava trees do have beautiful flowers when they are growing and this makes it a stunning addition to any house or apartment.

If you are serious about getting your tree to produce fruit you will have to get it approximately 12 hours of sunlight, although, they will survive just fine if you get it 6-8 hours of sunlight.

You could always use an led grow light if you are serious about getting lots of guava fruits to grow.

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21. Mango

mango in apartment

If you decide to grow a mango tree in your house or apartment I would recommend you source some seeds for a dwarf variety as a full-size mango tree can grow to 30+ feet tall.

If you grow a mango tree from seeds you acquired from a store bought mango it will grow into a full-size tree although it will probably take years and years for it to outgrow the space you have available.

Growing a mango tree is not difficult and you should definitely give it a try!

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22. Passion Fruit

home grown passion fruit

If you are looking for a fruit to grow indoors I would definitely recommend you grow a passion fruit vine.

Passion fruit grows on a vine to you will have to use some sort of trellis for the vine to grow up and around.

When a passion fruit vine gets going it will grow at rapid speed without much effort.

All you need to do it get your vine at least 4 hours sunlight which should be achievable by growing your vine in a windowsill or grow it in a conservatory and watch it thrive.

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23. Dragon Fruit

dragon fruit i grew in my apartment

Dragon fruit is an ideal plant for growing indoors as it is a cacti plant the temperature in your home will probably be close to ideal.

They only require 6-8 hours of direct sunlight to grow healthy which is achievable in most sunny windows.

You only have to water a dragon fruit plant twice per week during the growing season as they are from the cacti family, this makes them one of the most low maintenance plants on this list.

Dragon fruit is a beautiful plant that produces beautiful flowers and fruits and would be an improvement to any home.

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