Is Mulching Or Bagging Better For Grass?

Is Mulching Or Bagging Better For Grass

So you have heard some people say that mulching is better for grass and other people say bagging the grass is better for your lawn in this article I will tell you all about it so you can decide whether mulching or bagging is better for grass.

I always mulch my grass but my lawn is in pristine condition, there are a number of factors you need to consider when deciding whether to bag your grass clippings or mulch them.

Should you decide to mulch then I would suggest you invest in a mulching mower as they do an absolutely fantastic job and a good one will make your lawn look just as clean and pristine as bagging the grass will.

If your lawn is in good condition mulching is better for your grass as it will allow the nutrients from the grass clippings to be absorbed back into the soil. If your lawn is covered in weeds bagging is better for grass as it will help stop the spread of weeds.

What Is Mulching Grass?

You can actually use grass clippings, compost or manure to mulch your lawn, mulch is simply a layer that you put on the ground, over or around plants, mulching will help keep moisture in the ground, reduce weed growth and improve the health of the soil where you put mulch on top of it.

Mulching grass just simply means chopping the grass you have just cut into fine pieces and using it as a natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Grass is actually full of nutrients that promote healthy growth such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium so why throw it away?

If you think about it some people put their grass clippings into the compost pile and feed it to plants, why not just sprinkle the grass clippings all over your lawn and as it decomposes all the nutrients will be absorbed back into the soil.

Benefits Of Mulching Grass

There are a number of benefits you get from mulching grass and you may decide you want to mulch for any of or maybe all of these reasons

  • Mulching grass can help control weed growth on your lawn.
  • When you apply mulch to your lawn it will absorb nutrients and this will increase the fertility of your soil.
  • Mulching done correctly can improve the look of your lawn.

Your lawn does need to be in pretty good condition if you want to mulch it so you should seek to have a near perfect lawn before you start regular mulching.

Benefits Of Bagging Grass

Some people do prefer to bag grass instead of mulching it into their lawn, maybe they don’t know how to mulch properly as your lawn can still look perfect if you mulch regularly and correctly.

The benefits of bagging the grass instead of mulching it is:

  • Your lawn can look cleaner if you don’t have grass clippings over the top of it.
  • If your lawn has lots of weeds it can help limit them from spreading.

I feel that if you have a healthy lawn you really should mulch the grass clippings into the lawn or if you absolutely don’t want grass clippings on your lawn you should check out the alternative method below.

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Alternative To Mulching

Grass is full of healthy nutrients that are good for your soil and that is one of the reasons people mulch is that the good nutrients will get absorbed back into the soil.

The downside of mulching grass back into your lawn some people feel is that it will result in grass lying around your lawn and might look untidy or like you have only half finished the job of mowing your lawn and making it lush, green and beautiful.

There is an alternative method you can use what will get all of the healthy nutrients from your grass back into your lawn and you do not have to mulch the grass or spread it all over the lawn for this to work and it is a really simple but effective idea.

Simply gather all the grass after you have mowed from your lawn and put it in a big container like a bin or a big plastic box, the container has to be watertight.

Fill the container with water and give it a mix then all you have to do is leave it for 1 or 2 weeks and all the nutrients from the grass will be transferred into the water.

Now all you have to do as use a watering can or a spray and use this mixture as your homemade fertilizing water.

This idea is so simple and very effective I would recommend you give it a try.

Mulching Lawn Mower Good Or Bad?

If you want to properly mulch grass clippings into your lawn then you really should invest in a proper mulching lawn mower.

You can use a standard mower and mulch your lawn with the clippings but the problem with this is that the clippings are generally too long and will likely look like a mess spread over the top of your lawn.

A specialized mulching mower has a specially designed blade that will encourage the air flow to direct the freshly cut grass clippings through the blade several times.

This means a mulching mower will cut the grass into tiny pieces that you will hardly notice on the top of your lawn.

This means you will get all the benefits of the mulch adding nutrients back into the soil without the mess of noticeable grass clippings spread all over your lawn.

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Should I Bag My Grass Clippings If I Have Weeds?

This is a common question I hear people asking, will mulching grass that has a lot of weeds growing in it spread the weeds?

The answer is not a simple one if you have weeds growing in your lawn and you cut your lawn with a mower the seed from the weeds will be spread all over your lawn whether you mulch the grass or bag it.

There are many different types of weeds, perennial, annual and biannual so if you have a lot of weeds growing in your lawn your priority should be to get rid of them.

If you mulch the grass clippings from your lawn and you have loads of weeds, there is a possibility it might spread the weeds but once you have got rid of the weeds you will have no worries.

The course of action you should take is to use a spray that will get rid of the weeds and then you can mulch your grass with no worries and you will have a beautiful lawn that doesn’t have weeds growing in it.

Get rid of the weeds and you will not have to concern yourself with whether to mulch your grass or not.

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Is Mulching Or Bagging Best For Grass?

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