Lawn Care

how to improve clay soil lawns

How To Improve Clay Soil For Lawns – Simple Tips

Clay soils can be a big problem if that’s what you have under your lawn. These dense, compacted soils provide poor drainage, staying soggy when wet and turning rock hard in the summer. Moreover, nutrients, air, and water cannot easily move through clay soils. It creates stress on the roots of the grass, making them…

grow grass on concrete

How To Grow Grass On Concrete – Yes You Can

Building a healthy lawn on concrete often leads to debates among homeowners. Concrete is not the best place for growing grass, so creating a base onto which these plants can live is the only way to achieve success. Nevertheless, it may be a good idea to remove the concrete first, as it will guarantee the…

aerate lawn sprinkler system

Aerating A Lawn With A Sprinkler System [Avoid Damage]

Compacted soil cannot absorb moisture efficiently enough. For this reason, aeration is one of the vital aspects of lawn care. Mowing, playing, and walking will eventually lead to packing down the soil and may prevent your grass from growing healthy, strong roots which means you will have to aerate your lawn even if you have…

grass for clay soil best

Best Grass For Clay Soil – How To Grow It Successfully

There are several aspects to consider when choosing grass seed for your lawn. They include the grass tolerance to shade, drought, cold, heat, and so on. Still, the type of soil in your backyard is the most important of them all. Although clay soils are usually rich in nutrients, they hold more water than they…

last lawn cut of the year

Last Lawn Cut Before Winter [Best Time, Best Height]

As the temperatures plummet, your lawn will get ready to go into hibernation, and once that happens, there will be little scope and requirement for care. But, what you do for your lawn before the freeze hits, including the last lawn cut before winter, will determine the performance of your grass when spring comes visiting….

waterlogged lawn drainage system

Waterlogged Lawn Drainage Solutions – DIY To Professional Ideas

A waterlogged lawn is so much more than just a drainage issue it’s an eyesore! The puddles inevitably prove enticing to children and pets, so the sticky mud quickly makes its way into your home. And if the ungainly mud tracking is not bad enough, water left standing for too long will do more than…

lawn with high traffic

The Best Grass For High Traffic Areas?

Every homeowner wants to keep his lawn looking beautiful and lush year-round. Walking across your backyard in bare feet is one of the purest joys of staying outdoors — but not for your lawn. It is almost impossible to grow healthy grass in high traffic areas, as people and pets walking across your garden or…

sandy soil best grass

Best Grass For Sandy Soil [Lush Green Lawns Are Possible]

All professional gardeners know that growing a beautiful lawn on sandy soil is not the easiest task. However, it is possible if you know what the best type of grass to choose is and how to grow it. Sand is not fun when it is in your soil. It can be good for fruit trees,…

cut grass for 1st time this year

First Grass Cut Of The Year – Simple Tips You Need To Know

When the spring arrives and things start to show signs of life after winter its time for the first grass cut of the year. This also means your beautiful grass lawn is going to start growing and you will have to put in some work to get it the attractive lush green color you like…

mow lawn schedule

How Often To Cut The Grass? [My Plan For A Lush Lawn]

Every homeowner wants their lawn to be green and lush. But it is not always the easiest task. Having a proper mowing schedule is the key to success. You may already know that normal growth is one of the most significant factors that determine the color of your grass. Your grass may turn yellow or…