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green grass from lightning

Lightning Makes Grass Green [Myth Or Reality]

Have you heard of the statement that lightning makes grass green? I know that this is perhaps one of the most interesting things that many lawn owners have not understood yet. The question that lingers in the minds of many is how lightning can actually make your grass green. How true is this? Quite frankly,…

pros and cons of centipede grass

Centipede Grass Pros And Cons: The Essential Guide

Choosing the type of grass for your lawn might not be as easy as it sounds. There are several options in terms of grass seeds, which require different maintenance levels and that are better suited to certain environments and conditions. Among the different grass types, one of the most popular ones is Centipede grass. Centipede…

advantages and disadvantages of bermuda grass

Bermuda Grass Pros and Cons: What You Need To Know

As you might know already, there are several types of grass you can choose from to spruce up the ground of your home or your business. Different grass types have different maintenance needs and will affect the appearance of your lawn in different ways. If you are looking for a lush and resilient ground, that…

st augustine grass types

9 Different Types Of St Augustine Grass – Choose Wisely

A beautiful, well-kept lawn is most neighborhood pride. The way your grass looks depends on how you care for it and what type of grass you grow, in this article I will look at the different types of St Augustine Grass. You can do some basic things to keep your grass beautiful and healthy. Mowing,…

Bermuda Grass vs. St. Augustine: When to Choose Which

Curb appeal is definitely a science and an art. The look of your lawn reveals to any passerby how well you’ve mastered it. In the south, one big element of that mastery is understanding the pros, cons, similarities, and differences of Bermuda grass vs. St. Augustine. For me, coming to this understanding was quite a…

aeration will sort drainage problems

Will Aerating Lawn Help Drainage?

A common question that lingers in the minds of many lawn owners is: will aerating lawn help drainage? Indeed, drainage problems can be problematic not only to the health of your lawn but also to your home. That is why you have to keep in mind ways of ensuring that you have a quality drainage…

mow grass in hot temperature

As The Temperature Rises Mow Your Grass Appropriately?

While mowing seems a very easy task, it is actually the opposite, especially when the temperature rises. You might have heard people say “as the temperature rises you should mow your grass appropriately”, but do you know the reason behind it? I guess you don’t know and that’s why you’re probably here, reading this post….

can you cut grass after it rains

Can You Cut Grass After It Rains? How Dry Should It Be?

I’m pretty sure everyone with a lawn has been in the situation where you have been delaying cutting your grass until the weekend, and then it rains. This can be a disaster for your schedule as everyone says you should only mow your lawn when the grass is dry. In this article, I will look…

Watering Grass At Night Myth [Debunked]

There are many myths around lawn care, what to do, or what not to do and in this article, I will take a dive into and look at the watering grass at night myth. Depending on the advice you read the myth suggests that watering your grass at night is the best time to water…

get rid of moss without chemicals

How To Get Rid Of Moss In Grass Without Chemicals?

If you are anything like me you will want to keep your garden as organic as possible. This can be especially challenging when it comes to looking after your lawn and achieving the beautiful lush green grass of your dreams. Depending on where you live, keeping your lawn in good condition and keeping it as…