Lightning Makes Grass Green [Myth Or Reality]

green grass from lightning

Have you heard of the statement that lightning makes grass green? I know that this is perhaps one of the most interesting things that many lawn owners have not understood yet. The question that lingers in the minds of many is how lightning can actually make your grass green.

How true is this? Quite frankly, I must admit that when I first came across the idea of grass becoming green after lightning, I couldn’t comprehend the science behind it. But, the truth of the matter is that there is actually an explanation that backs up the statement.

Lighting will cause your grass to become more green. Whenever there is a lightning storm there is a conversion of nitrogen from the atmosphere to nitrogen dioxide which then dissolves in the rain and falls on the grass. Once this nitrogen falls on your grass it will act as a fertilizer and make your grass greener


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What Does Lightning Do To Soil?

This is a very important question. Probably you have always thought of lightning as a dangerous thing that you should be afraid of. The truth is that lightning contributes much to fertilizing the soil.

The next time you see lightning, you should know that it’s a good thing for your soil. Normally, the air contains nitrogen molecules that require electrical energy to separate them. Whenever lightning strikes, it separates the nitrogen molecules and they fall on the ground with rainwater.

When the molecules fall on the ground, they mix up with other minerals in the soil and they form nitrates. In simple terms, this process leads to the formation of a form of fertilizer, which is good for the soil. I know you have heard of fertilizer and what it does to the soil, right?

Yes, lightning fertilizes your lawn and makes your grass grow healthier. The grass absorbs the nitrates in the soil and then becomes greener in the process. After learning this, you should see lightning as advantageous to your lawn.

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Does Lightning Cause Grass To Grow Faster?

Yes, lightning causes grass to grow faster. Of course, rain plays a very major role in helping plants to grow, but it’s not the only component that your grass needs to grow faster. In fact, your lawn can receive a good amount of rain but fail to produce healthy grass.

This is where lightning comes in. Since it causes the soil to receive natural fertilizer, the soil gains the essential minerals it needs to cause the grass to grow faster. It is because of this that you notice grass growing a few days after a lightning storm.

Just to help you understand this better, lightning facilitates the intake of nitrogen into plants through the soil. Here are the benefits of nitrogen in regards to the growth of grass:

  • It helps in the manufacturing of natural plant food
  • It helps grass to grow faster
  • It provides essential nutrients for healthy growth

With this in mind, you should always look forward to the next time there is thunder and lightning because you now know it will leave your lawn looking greener.

greener grass lightning storm

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Is Lightning Good For Your Grass?

Indeed, lightning is good for your grass. Anything that enriches the healthy growth of your lawn at no cost to you is obviously of great value. If you see a lot of value in your lawn and you would want it to flourish and have it looking healthy always, you should get it soluble nitrogen.

The answer to this is lightning. Yes, lightning will give your grass the nutrient that it needs to remain green. A lush lawn with healthy grass should be green and vibrant.

If your grass isn’t green, then there is a problem that you should take care of. While you can find synthetic fertilizer, there is a natural option that works even better for your lawn, and it’s called taking advantage of a lightning storm.

Since the nitrogen in the air can’t get absorbed by grass in its original form, the electrical energy from lightning makes it possible for grass to absorb it in a way that it can process effectively. The nitrogen that lightning produces will fall to your lawn with the rainwater.

It’s because of the way it mixes with rainwater that provides organic nutrients that makes your grass green.

Therefore, lightning is definitely good for your grass.

Why Do Plants Grow Better After A Thunderstorm?

The fact that plants grow better after a thunderstorm is something that I took a long time to figure out. Normally, thunderstorms are usually not the best of friends to humans. Whenever they strike, people often feel they have no choice but to hide or find shelter.

However, whenever humans see thunderstorms as a reason to hide, plants get lots of benefits from it. What are some of the benefits of thunderstorms for plants? The following are some of the benefits that your backyard will receive from a thunderstorm:

  • Effective absorption of nitrogen into plants
  • Effective manufacturing of plant food
  • The production of chlorophyll, which gives plants the capacity to look green

Whenever your area is experiencing thunderstorms, you are having a flow of natural fertilizer that is good for your plants. Instead of relying on artificial fertilizers, the nitrogen from thunderstorms will always give your plants a green and healthy look.

If you have been wondering what happens to plants when the rain comes accompanied by thunderstorms, now you know that it produces a natural ingredient that plants need for better growth.

lightning causes green grass

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Do Thunderstorms Produce Nitrogen?

The question of whether thunderstorms produce nitrogen is a good and relevant one for lawn owners. Now that I have told you all about the idea of lightning being an essential contributor to your grass being green, it’s important to know whether thunderstorms produce nitrogen or not.

The simple and short answer to this question is that thunderstorms don’t produce nitrogen, but they help in facilitating its absorption into the system of plants.

In simple terms, nitrogen is already present in the atmosphere. Maybe you have never heard that nitrogen comprises 78% of the atmosphere. This is an indication that there is already plenty of nitrogen in the air around us.

The interesting thing, however, is that plants are not able to use it as it is naturally constituted. Essentially, the chemical composition of nitrogen makes it difficult for plants to absorb it as it is. Now, this is where thunderstorms come in handy.

So, thunderstorms don’t produce nitrogen, but they create a way through which it can be absorbed by plants.

The electrical energy that you are often afraid of during a lightning strike is what makes nitrogen absorbable by plants. So, while nitrogen occurs naturally in the air, it is thunderstorms that make it possible for it to be absorbed by plants through the soil.

Does Nitrogen Make Your Grass Green?

Nitrogen is an important component for the good health of your lawn. If you own a garden, one thing that is for sure is that it gives you great joy to see it looking healthy and green. Whenever you want to work on your lawn and turn it into a greener and healthier one, you can always add some nitrogen to it.

From the discussion, it’s evident that lightning makes grass greener by facilitating the addition of natural fertilizer into the soil. This is only possible when the rainy season is on, right? What should you do when there are no thunderstorms?

The good news is that you can still apply nitrogen fertilizer on your lawn to give your grass a greener and healthier look.

You don’t have to wait until there is a thunder and lightning storm for you to enjoy the beautiful look of your lawn.

Since you are serious about taking care of your lawn, you can always use a lawn fertilizer with high nitrogen content invest in a decent fertilizer and you can provide your lawn with the nitrogen that it needs anytime.

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lightning provides nitrogen for grass

Using Nitrogen to Make Your Lawn Green

In order to make your lawn green, you have to put some effort into it, especially when lightning and thunderstorms have taken a break.

All you need is to spread a nitrogen-enriched fertilizer on your lawn and make sure that you water it afterward. By doing this, you are providing the right environment for grass to grow faster and become greener.

For effective results, don’t apply too much of the fertilizer because it can damage your garden.

Instead, you can apply once or twice during the growing season, and the results will be remarkable. Since the grass will grow faster after application, it will be a great idea for you to water it often and also mow it whenever necessary.

Some of the tips that you should keep in mind for your lawn to remain green and healthy are:

  • Make sure that you get rid of weeds by pulling them with your hand or using herbicides
  • Ensure that you use the right herbicide, and in the right way to avoid damaging or killing your grass
  • Consult a professional whenever necessary

Without a doubt, a green and healthy lawn will always make your home appear more beautiful. It’s a great sight to watch, especially when you have friends visiting your home. Now that you know lightning is a natural way of making your grass green, you don’t have to see it as a bad thing anymore.

Whenever you see a storm coming, you can always find shelter and wait for the miracle to take place. Natural nitrogen will get into the soil and make your grass greener and healthier.


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