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Snowflake Parsley Aralia Bonsai Tree For Sale + Care Guide

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The dwarf snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree (polyscais ‘parsley’ variegated) is a stunningly beautiful bonsai tree and a great choice for growing indoors as a houseplant, that’s why I have made this snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree for sale with a care guide article to help you decide if its a good choice for your environment and give you the best chance of successfully growing it.

Originally native to India and Polynesia this tropical bonsai tree may look like it requires a lot of maintenance but in reality, it’s a low maintenance bonsai that makes a great houseplant.

If you have this bonsai in your home it will make a great conversational ornament because it is such a beautiful tree that has leaves shaped just like parsley that everyone will want to talk about it and know where they can get one for themselves.

If you want to give someone a gift for their home, office, or student dorm and you’re not sure they would like a tree they have to constantly care for this is the perfect gift because it is so easy to grow and is very low maintenance.

Reasons you should buy a Snowflake Parsley Aralia Bonsai Tree:

  • This is a very low maintenance bonsai tree
  • A great choice for a tropical indoor bonsai
  • Makes a great bonsai gift for someones home, office, student dorm
  • Looks like parsley and is a stunning bonsai tree

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Light Requirements

This bonsai is adaptable to different lighting conditions but you should help it avoid the hottest midday sun…

What type of light is best for snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree?

The aralia bonsai tree will do well in most types of light and will even do well in low light conditions which makes it ideal for an indoor bonsai houseplant.

To provide this bonsai with the optimum lighting conditions you should keep it somewhere that gets as much bright light as possible without actually positioning it in the brightest direct midday sunlight for any extended periods of time.

If you have a window that gets the cool morning or late afternoon sun that would be a good place for this bonsai tree. If you choose to grow this outdoors you should always choose somewhere it will get partial shade rather than strong direct sunlight.

How much sunlight does a snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree?

You should aim to get this snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree as much brightness as possible without actually putting it in direct midday sunlight.

The parsley aralia bonsai tree only needs 6 – 8 hours of bright filtered light each day it will thrive.

If you do keep this bonsai in harsh direct sunlight there is a likely chance you will scorch its beautiful leaves, if this happens you should urgently move it to a new position with less direct sunlight.

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You should never let the soil for this bonsai tree dry out and you should keep it constantly damp otherwise it will be the end of this bonsai…

How to tell if your snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree needs watered?

The first sign that your bonsai may need to be watered will be that the surface soil looks like it has become completely dry.

If the surface soil looks dry it’s time to investigate, stick your finger in the soil and if it’s dry ⅓ of the way down the soil then it’s time to water your aralia bonsai tree.

The idea is to keep the soil moist but not completely soaking, soaking the soil is fine when you water it but you should let it partially dry out without ever letting it become completely dry in between waterings.

How often will a snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree need watering?

How often you will need to water your snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree really depends on your local climate and the environment you keep your bonsai in.

If you live in the south where it gets scorching hot you will obviously have to water it more often than if you live somewhere in the north with a cooler climate.

You should never follow a schedule for how often to water this bonsai and always check the soil actually needs to be watered.

You should keep up with the watering throughout the winter months as this bonsai needs to be watered and kept moist all year and not only during the hottest summer months.

How much water will a snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree need?

When it’s time to add water it’s a good idea to give it lots of water, don’t hold back.

It’s always best that you fill up your watering can or container 24 hours before you intend to use it as this gives it a chance to detoxify itself and get to room temperature because adding cold water to a tropical plant is probably always a really bad idea.

You should pour water into the pot until it starts to drip out of the holes in the bottom. Only when there is water dripping out the holes in the bottom of the pot or container can you be sure you have given this bonsai a sufficient drink of water.

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Temperature Requirements

This is a tropical bonsai tree so it’s vital you protect it from cold temperatures at all costs otherwise it will suffer from damage…

Does a snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree like humid conditions?

Humidity is a very important factor you will have to take into account when you are growing a parsley aralia bonsai tree in your home.

This bonsai tree will thrive if you can provide it with medium to high levels of humidity.

If your local climate isn’t very humid you will have to add humidity for this bonsai to thrive and there are a couple of simple ways you can do this…

1. Mist your bonsai tree

Misting your bonsai tree is perhaps the most simple method for providing your bonsai with additional humidity.

To mist your bonsai simply fill up a spray bottle with water, set it to mist, and spray it over the foliage of your tree.

When the water evaporates off the leaves it will raise the humidity level around your bonsai tree.

2. Use a humidity tray

Using a humidity tray is a very effective method for providing plants with additional humidity.

You can either buy one or make a simple homemade version.

A humidity tray is basically a tray with pebbles across the inside bottom of it, you sit the pot on the pebbles and add water making sure your pot sits on top of the pebbles and never actually touches the water.

When the water evaporates around your tree this will raise the humidity levels.

What is the best temperature for a snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree?

This is a tropical tree so it will always do best in warmer temperatures than cooler temperatures.

You should always try and keep the temperature steady as this bonsai will not cope well with rapid changes in temperature.

This tree does well in warmer temperatures and will be fine if you let the temperature drop to around 65 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit but if the temperature gets anywhere near 60 degrees Fahrenheit it will likely shed its leaves.

If this bonsai drops leaves due to the temperature being too cold it will probably recover if it’s a one-time event, if this tree is kept outside in cold weather it will probably not survive in those circumstances.


Using fertilizer will benefit any tree and this bonsai is no different just make sure you don’t overdo it…

Will you need to fertilize your snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree?

There is no other option apart from using some sort of fertilizer on this bonsai if you want to own a bonsai tree long term.

Bonsai is grown in a small pot or container and the guaranteed result of this is that they will eventually drain the soil of all the healthy nutrients they need to continue growing healthy and strong.

The only option for providing the nutrients that your bonsai will need to grow strong and healthy for a long time is to use fertilizer products.

It doesn’t matter too much what type of fertilizer you use and the important thing is that you do use a fertilizer product of some sort.

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How often to fertilize a snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree?

It’s really up to you to learn how often you need to fertilize your bonsai tree.

If the leaves of your bonsai start turning yellow-green instead of green that is a sign it needs some additional nutrients via an application of fertilizer.

When you do use fertilizer it is always best to proceed with caution and it’s always best to under-fertilize rather than over-fertilize because over-fertilization could result in root burn and be the death of your bonsai tree.

Really, how often you should apply fertilizer depends on the type of fertilizer you use so read the next section…

What is the best type of fertilizer to use for snowflake parsley aralia bonsai trees?

There are many different types of fertilizer that are suitable for using on bonsai trees, from chemical to organic, the most important thing is that you will have to provide additional nutrients to the soil as your bonsai will deplete the soil of all nutrients it needs.

There are 2 main types of fertilizer I use for fertilizing my bonsai trees and they are as follows:

Slow-release fertilizer pellets

Slow-release fertilizer pellets are a great choice for bonsai or anything that is grown in a pot.

Simply sprinkle pellets on the top of the soil and then every time you add water a little bit of the pellets will dissolve and be absorbed into the soil.

When there are no pellets visible on the surface which should take 6 – 8 weeks it is time to sprinkle some more on.

During the winter months, you should not add any pellets until it gets back to springtime.

Liquid fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer is probably the most popular type of fertilizer for anything that is grown in pots or containers.

You should always mix liquid fertilizer at half the recommended strength to avoid burning the roots.

On bonsai, I recommend you use a specialist bonsai fertilizer, however, any general-purpose liquid fertilizer will do the job.

I use a diluted liquid fertilizer on my bonsai once per month during the growing season then completely stop using it during the cool winter months when the plant practically stops growing.

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When you re-pot a bonsai tree you shouldn’t automatically put it in a larger pot every time or you’ll end up with a full-sized tree eventually…

Will you need to re-pot a snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree?

It’s a tree so you will have to re-pot it every so often.

The parsley aralia bonsai tree will need to be repotted every 2- 5 years.

When you re-pot you shouldn’t put it into a larger pot it’s more a case of pruning its roots and putting it back into the same pot and that’s how you will keep it small and bonsai for many years.

How to re-pot a snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree?

Repotting your bonsai tree is a simple process and can be done in under 10 minutes.

This is the process I follow to re-pot my parsley aralia bonsai tree:

  • Take a sharp knife and run it around the inside of the pot so that any roots that have become attached to the pot come loose.
  • Turn the pot or container upside down, give it a shake, and jiggle until the bonsai comes out of its pot.
  • Shake, scrape, and jiggle your bonsai tree to remove all of the soil so that you are left with only the tree and its root ball.
  • Pull at the roots until 25% of them have become loose then cut off the 25% of loosened roots.
  • Put a layer of good quality bonsai soil in the bottom of the pot and place the bonsai on top of it.
  • The base of the bonsai should be sitting 1 inch below the rim of the pot or container.
  • Fill up the pot with bonsai soil and push it down gently so it becomes packed without being completely compressed.
  • Give your bonsai a good drink of water to help it get settled in its new home.

I hope you have found some helpful information in this snowflake parsley aralia bonsai tree for sale article with a useful care guide to help you decide if this bonsai is the correct choice for your circumstances and give you the best chance of success if it is.

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