As The Temperature Rises Mow Your Grass Appropriately?

mow grass in hot temperature

While mowing seems a very easy task, it is actually the opposite, especially when the temperature rises.

You might have heard people say “as the temperature rises you should mow your grass appropriately”, but do you know the reason behind it? I guess you don’t know and that’s why you’re probably here, reading this post.

Well, don’t worry as I will give the answers to each and every question you have about this topic.

I understand summers mean it’s the time to enjoy the grills and backyard parties but this hot weather comes with a lot of responsibilities too.

Maintaining a healthy lawn is not at all easy as it sounds. It takes lots of effort and even more hard work in the summer. The biggest problem for homeowners is your lawn becoming stressed and dull during the hot summer months.

Today, I will share some of the best secrets to keep your lawn green, healthy, and beautiful even during the hot weather. So, keep reading until the end so you don’t miss any helpful tips!

Well, before diving into the tips and mowing talks, it is very important to understand that mowing appropriately as the temperature rises is very important to maintain the overall health of the lawn and prevent it from getting dull and diseased.

As the temperature rises you have to change the way you mow your grass to protect it from the summer heat. If you mow your lawn the exact same all year without varying anything your grass will become stressed, unhealthy, and this could lead to disease spreading across your lawn.

Before everything else, let’s begin with the basic tips to maintain the lawns in hot summers.

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How To Maintain Your Grass In Summer?

Here are some useful tips by which you can take care of your lawns in hot temperatures.

Don’t Mow For The Sake Of Mowing

The biggest mistake some homeowners make is over-mowing the grass. Many individuals cut the grass way too short and this is not good for the health of your lawn. This is generally done to save some time by not having to mow quite as frequently. However, this is not good for your lawn’s health.

Always cut about one-third of the length of the blade with each mow.

If you cut more than this, the growth of the grass will be more about the grass repairing itself rather than growing to flourish. Hence, when you allow your grass to grow longer, the roots of the grass will grow strong and healthy and your lawn will become vibrant and lush.

Keep Mower Blades Sharp

Dull or blunt mower blades shred the grass in an uneven manner which causes stress which could lead to disease. On the other hand, sharp blades slice the grass blades perfectly in a clean manner with each stroke which results in healthy grass growth.

So, always keep this small detail in mind and keep your mower blades nice and sharp as this will help you maintain a healthy lawn.

Water At The Right Time

Watering the lawn at the right time is the key to healthy lawns in hot summers.

The best time to water your grass is the early morning, preferably before 10 a.m when the midday heat isn’t overbearing. This will ensure that your grass is neither too dry nor too wet and that it has enough moisture to protect it from the midday heat.

Also, avoid watering after 5 p.m in the evening because if you leave the grass wet overnight, there is a chance it will catch deadly fungal infections.

Don’t Put Too Much Fertilizer

Never put too many fertilizers in your grass especially when the temperatures are high.

While fertilizers help to provide essential nutrients to the grass, excess of these can burn your grass in summer.

Hence, use just the right amount of slow-releasing fertilizers depending upon the type of grass. When it comes to nitrogen, use only one pound of it per 1,000 sq ft of land.

Use other fertilizers as per requirement only. You should consult an expert regarding the amount of fertilizer.

temperature appropriate cutting height summer

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Is It OK To Cut The Grass When Hot?

If your lawn is already stressed due to heat, it may not be able to heal from your mowing and may get even more damaged and unhealthy. If your grass is already stressed and unhealthy you should avoid adding to the problem by cutting the grass when it’s very hot.

The best idea is to water your lawn in the morning then mow after the lawn gets dry, the soil doesn’t have to be dry but the grass blades should be.

Is It Better To Leave Grass Longer In Hot Weather?

Yes! It certainly helps to keep the grass a bit longer in the hot weather.

Keeping your grass a bit longer during the summer months will act as a sun canopy that will protect the soil and roots from intense heat.

This will help the roots to stretch deeper into the soil and deep roots are a good thing which will help prevent weeds from taking over your lawn, when weeds grow in your lawn it can result in your grass struggling to compete for water and nutrients.

Also, when the turf becomes denser from healthy root growth, it will require less water.

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What Height Should Grass Be Cut In Summer?

Generally, it is considered ideal to mow the grass at 2.5 to 3 inches for most of the seasons. However, things are not the same in the summer. Your grass can become stressed in summer and hence, the mowing height should be considered to be about 3 to 3.5 inches.

Raising this height will help in preventing your lawn to become stressed from the summer heat and also prevent water loss from the soil.

Additionally, this doesn’t mean you should let your grass grow way too long. This is because mowing at 1/3rd of the mowing blade in a single stroke may damage your lawn.

Best Time Of Day To Mow Lawn In Hot Weather?

During the hot summer months, most varieties of grass will need about three mowings per week.

The best time of the day to mow your lawn is in the evening when the sun is beginning to set. It helps to protect the roots from completely drying out which happens if you mow in the middle of a hot summer day.

Also, mowing in the evening provides enough time for the grass to heal from the mowing shock for about 12 hours.

Additionally, if possible you can also mow your lawns early in the morning before it gets too hot.

mow lawn nightime

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How Do I Keep My Grass Green In Hot Weather?

Everyone wants greener and healthier grass in their lawns but it doesn’t normally happen all by itself. You have to put in a little bit more work when the weather is hot, in order to keep your grass green and beautiful.

Here is what I recommend :

Keep Your Mower Setting High In Hot Weather

Keeping your mower setting higher is a good idea in hot weather, aim to leave the grass at least 3 inches high. Also, the taller blades provide shade for the roots and helps keep them cool during the hot summer days.

Also, taller grass will strengthen the roots making your grass all-round more healthy.

Water! Water! Water!

The secret to the greener grass is the right amount of water.

So, if you want your grass to be greener and healthier, deeply water your lawn regularly during the summer. Instead of watering daily, water deeply three times a week on regular hot days and increase the amount of water on hotter days.

Commonly, about 1.5 inches of water will keep your grass green throughout the year.

Don’t Forget To Remove The Pet Waste

If you think that your pet is fertilizing your lawn by doing its business there, you’re probably wrong my friend!

In reality, the pet waste will over-fertilize the spot which can result in barren dead patches on the lawn.

So, prevent lawn damage by regularly cleaning the pet waste from your lawn or train your pet to do the toilet elsewhere.

Incorporate Enough Fertilizer

Make a rule of thumb and fertilize your grass every six weeks.

But this doesn’t mean you should load up on fertilizers, it will ruin your beautiful lawn if you over-fertilize.

Also, excessive use of fertilizers like nitrogen will result in fast and unhealthy growth which obviously you don’t want. So, keep the nitrogen content between 10 to 14.

It will keep your grass greener while controlling the growth. You can also use a mulching mower to naturally fertilize your lawn and provide all the essential nutrients by adding the shredded grass back to the soil.

Should I Cut The Grass When It Is Wet?

Avoid cutting the grass when it is wet.

While it doesn’t harm the lawn that much, it can affect the growth of your grass. The wet grass will more than likely clog up the mower deck and you may spread clumps of grass around as you mow which will result in an uneven cut.

Don’t mow when the soil is soggy otherwise the wheels will catch clumps of soil and may tear the grass. Additionally, if you have to mow the lawn when it is wet, then try to spray the mower with oil or silicone to prevent the grass from getting stuck.

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What To Do With The Grass Clippings?

It is simple, go for grasscycling!

Grasscycling is when you let your clipping lie on the lawn itself after mowing.

It will help you in two ways:

  • by saving your time(no need to collect the clippings).
  • by saving your money(no need to spend on yard waste bags).

What is even better? Grasscycling provides about 25-30% of the basic fertilizer needs of your lawn. By using this technique, you don’t even require a specialized mower, you only need a fine mulching blade for your current mower and that will do the job.

It will chop the grass finely which will decompose more quickly. This process is completely fuss-free and non-messy.

So, that’s all about it!

I have shared all the tips and secrets to keep the grass greener and lawn healthier in hot climates. I hope you’ve got all your answers through this comprehensive post.

Just follow these tips and advice and you will be able to keep your lawn in great condition throughout the year.


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