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7 Varieties Of Avocado Tree For Sale Online

I think most people know if you take an avocado seed put it in water then an avocado plant will start to grow out of it.

The problem with this method is you never know what variety of avocado plant is going to grow, it will simply be the same variety as the store-bought avocado you ate to acquire the seed.

In this article, I have sourced seven different varieties of avocado tree for sale online and have a detailed description and customer reviews of the individual plants so you don’t have to search online for all the different varieties and information, simply browse this page and choose the variety you are looking for.

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Cold Hardy Mexicola Grande Grafted Avocado Tree

You can purchase this Mexicola Grande avocado tree in different sizes from 1 foot to 4 foot in height.

This is a cold Hardy avocado tree which means you should be able to do it in every state of the USA.

This tree is suitable for growing either indoors or outdoors and although it is cold hardy you may want to move it inside during the harshest winters.

The fact that this plant is grafted from an adult tree and not seed grown means that it should start producing avocados for you to eat within a year or two.

If you’re not happy with any aspect of this product you can contact the supplier and they will sort out any issues you have.


  • This tree will be expertly packaged so that it arrives in good condition even though it is mail order.
  • The leaves may fall off your tree when it arrives and this is normal when plants get transplanted into new soil and if you care for it correctly it will recover.
  • When you plant your tree in soil and give it a good feed of water you could notice new growth as soon as a month later especially if you use fertilizer.
  • If you have any queries about growing this tree after you purchase it this company has a friendly customer service department.

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Grafted Bacon Avocado Tree – Very Cold Hardy

The Bacon avocado tree variety is a very cold hardy variety so it should grow healthy in most climates even though it is considered a Mexican variety of avocado so it will do well and hot and cool areas.

This is a self-fertile variety of avocado tree which means you only need one and it will pollinate itself which is more convenient than some other varieties that require two trees for pollination.

The fruits that are produced are less oily than the more common Hass avocado but they are still equally creamy and delicious to eat.


  • Some people say the bacon avocado tree produces the best tasting avocados.
  • Even though this is a cold-hardy variety of avocado tree you may want to move it indoors if you live somewhere that gets a harsh winter.
  • No need to worry about the fact this tree will come via the post as it will be expertly packaged so that it arrives in good condition.
  • This is a great choice if you are not an expert at growing trees and it will self pollinate so you only need one tree.

Hass Avocado Tree

The Hass avocado tree is the most popular variety of avocado tree going anywhere in the world and it was first called an alligator pear fruit.

The Hass avocado tree will produce absolutely delicious avocados and it is known as the standard-bearer that all other varieties of avocado are compared to.

When you receive this tree it will be between 1 to 4 ft tall which means it should be ready and mature enough to produce avocados within one or two years of planting.

This avocado tree will do best in full sun and you can expect the fruiting season to be between April to October.


  • This is the most widely grown variety of avocado and it will produce absolutely delicious avocados.
  • You will receive a small avocado tree but if you care for it properly it will grow into a big tree that produces lots of avocados every year.
  • You can be assured that the utmost care is taken when this tree is posted and it even gets posted with a heat pack to protect it from cold during transportation.
  • The more sun you can get your avocado tree the bigger it will grow and the more avocados it will produce.

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Little Cado Dwarf Avocado Grafted Tree

If you want to grow fresh avocados of your own and you don’t have much space then the little cado dwarf variety is a great choice.

This is a self-fertile variety of avocado tree which means you only need one and it will pollinate itself and this makes it ideal for people with limited space for growing trees.

The little dwarf cado is a dwarf variety so it will only grow to 8-10 feet tall and you can keep it smaller by pruning it. This avocado tree is equally suited to growing in the ground or in a large container

This is a grafted avocado tree which means it has been grown from a cutting rather than a seed, this means the tree you receive will start to produce avocados between 1 and 3 years after you plant it compared to seed-grown avocados that can take 10 to 15 years to produce fruit.


  • This Cado Dwarf avocado tree will be securely packaged in the best way possible so that it arrives in good condition via mail order.
  • You should transplant this tree into its new soil as soon as you receive it and give it a good water and you should see new growth happening soon enough depending on the season.
  • The little Cado dwarf avocado tree can grow up to 8-10 feet tall if you leave it to grow naturally but if you prune it you can keep it much shorter.
  • Trees often suffer from stress when they are transplanted but if you remain patient your tree will grow into a healthy specimen.

Donnie Avocado Tree (Grafted)

This Donnie avocado tree will come in a 3-gallon container and you can either keep growing it in a container or transfer it into the ground.

These trees are grafted from a top-quality fruit-producing avocado tree, this basically means they have been grown from cuttings instead of a seed.

Grafted avocado trees will normally produce fruit within 1 to 3 years instead of 10 to 15 years when grown from seed.

If you grow this avocado tree in a container that will only grow to the size the container allows it to and then it will stop getting bigger.


  • Some people say that out of all avocado varieties the Donnie avocado is the best tasting and that is why it is a popular choice for growing.
  • This variety of avocado tree is easy to manage by regularly pruning it to keep it at a manageable size, another reason this is a popular choice.
  • Care will be taken so that your tree arrives via the post in good condition
  • It is recommended to give your tree a feed of fertilizer after you plant it to help it settle in the new soil.

Organic Avocado Plant

This is our completely organically grown Hass avocado tree which is the most commonly grown variety of avocado tree in America.

This tree will produce a large size of avocado that has bumpy green skin.

The Hass avocado tree was named after Rudolf Hass as he was a man who started to grow it and sell it on a large scale.

When the fruit of this tree becomes ripe it will change from green to purple so it is always easy to tell when your fruit has become right and are ready for picking.


  • This tree will be expertly packaged so that it arrives in good condition even though it will probably be roughly handled during the mail processing.
  • This avocado tree will come with useful instructions for successfully transferring your tree into the soil which will increase the chances of you growing a healthy avocado tree that produces avocados.
  • When you transfer a tree into new soil there is a chance it will get stressed and suffer leaf drop, this is common so just feed it as normal and it should recover.
  • When your avocado tree is settled and growing healthily you can look forward to it producing avocados every year.

Avocado Tree Growing Kit

This avocado tree-growing kit is a simple yet genius idea.

Simply fill it with water and place your avocado seed in it so it is sitting in the water and eventually it will start to grow into an avocado tree.

You should be patient with this product because 90% of avocado seed do eventually sprout and start growing.

This product is amazing because you can see the roots growing in the water.

You cannot grow an adult avocado tree using this product but you can grow a seedling and when it gets to about 20 cm you should transfer it into a pot or into the ground.


  • This avocado tree growing kit is a fun idea for growing avocado from seed and it is a lot simpler than using the old toothpick method.
  • This kit comes with a step by step instruction book so that gardeners of all ages should be able to successfully follow the instructions and have success in growing an avocado tree.
  • You will have to be patient when waiting for the avocado seed to sprout and start growing as it can take some time.
  • When you are growing an avocado using this kit you should change the water on a regular basis as plants prefer freshwater.

That is all that avocado trees I have been able to source and I included the avocado growing kit just because it is such a good idea.

I hope you have found the information useful please leave a comment and let me know what you think.