9 Varieties Of Fig Trees For Sale Online

  • Date: December 20, 2022
  • Time to read: 9 min.

I love figs and there is no better way to acquire them than growing your own and believe me they do taste better when you have put the time and effort into growing them.

There are so many different varieties of fig tree I’m sure you’ll be able to find one suitable for growing in your local climate.

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On this page, I have sourced and listed 9 popular varieties of fig trees for sale online so you can have a browse and choose the variety you think will be best suited for you. For a complete growing guide click here.

Violette de Bordeaux Fig Tree

When you order this Violette de Bordeaux fig tree you will receive 4 little seedlings that will only be between 2 and 5 inches tall.

This fig tree will grow purple figs and many people say that these figs are the best-tasting figs of all.

If you live somewhere that gets cold weather during the winter months then you will have to move this fig tree indoors for the winter as it is not tolerant of cold weather.

This fig tree would be ideal for growing indoors as it is a dwarf variety of fig tree.


  • This Bordeaux fig tree will be posted with damp soil so that it stays moist and healthy when it is in the post.
  • The tree you receive will be a small seedling so you should be aware of this when you order and don’t expect a massive tree to arrive in the post.
  • Lots of people say the Bordeaux fig is their favorite and this is why they are a popular variety of fig for growing.
  • This variety of fig tree is not very cold tolerant so you may want to grow it in a pot so you can move it indoors during the winter.

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Yellow Long Neck Common Edible Fig

The yellow fig tree produces one of the tastiest figs of all.

This fig is practically immune to pest infestations and disease which makes it ideal for people who are not expert gardeners.

Fig trees are ideal for people who like to draw fruits in containers so that they can be moved indoors during the winter months to avoid the harsh coldness.

The figs on this tree will start to become ripe around July to August. You better order this fig tree quickly as it is sure to sell out.


  • You will receive a small fig tree but when you plant it and give it the proper care it will turn into a thriving fig bush.
  • If you order this fig tree late in the season you may want to move it indoors for its first winter to give it a better chance of survival.
  • When this tree starts to thrive it will grow at a rapid rate so if you grow it in a container you may have to re-pot it into a larger one.
  • This is a good specimen of fig tree to grow if you are a beginner and not an expert.

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Chicago Edible Hardy Fig

The Chicago fig is a very hardy variety of fig tree that will produce delicious edible figs as the name suggests.

This is a variety that is native to North America so if that is where you live this would be an ideal choice to grow.

The figs that the Chicago fig tree produces will be brown to purple in color and they have a reputation for being absolutely delicious.

You can keep this tree outside during the winter and if it gets too frosty the top section may die but it will recover by growing new shoots during the spring, some people choose to move the tree indoors during the winter for this reason.


  • This tree will arrive well packaged so ensure it arrives in good condition which can be a worry when ordering trees via the post.
  • If you order this tree at the start of the growing season you might get lucky and even have some figs during its first season if you give it proper care.
  • If you live somewhere that gets a cold winter you may want to move this tree somewhere like a garage during winter to give it protection from frost.
  • When you have your tree settled and growing healthy you can look forward to a harvest of healthy figs every year.

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Black Mission Fig Tree

When you order this black mission fig tree you will actually receive four well looked after seedlings.

The figs that will be produced will be almost black in color hence the name black mission figs, they are a very sweet and delicious tasting variety of fig.

Figs are self-pollinating which means you only need one tree to successfully bear figs and you don’t need multiple trees for cross-pollination, unlike other varieties of fruit.

This variety of fig tree is more suited to central and southern states of America but you could always move it indoors during winter if you grow it in a pot and live in a cooler area.


  • Care is taken when packaging this fig tree so that it arrives in excellent condition via the post.
  • When you receive your tree you should give it a good drink of water however you should be careful not to overwater it
  • You should be aware the fig tree you receive will be a little seedling and it might be an idea to plant it in a 1-gallon pot until it grows larger when you can then plant it in the ground.
  • This fig tree is a self-pollinating variety so you only need one tree and it will pollinate itself.

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Brown Turkey Cold Hardy Fig

The brown turkey fig tree is a relatively small fig tree and is a cold-hardy variety that can easily survive in temperatures down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a self-fertile and self-pollinating fig tree so you only need one tree for it to produce fruit or if you have two trees to cross-pollinate then it should produce a lot more figs.

The bonus about growing this variety of fig tree is that if you live in a semi-warm area it should produce two crops per year which means you get double the figs.


  • No need to worry about ordering this brown turkey fig tree via mail order as it will be expertly packaged to ensure it arrives in good condition.
  • A fig tree is an excellent long term gift and would be ideal as a birthday present.
  • Figs are easy to successfully grow if you live on the gulf coast and if that is where you live you can even plant them in the fall and they will do just fine.
  • If you live somewhere that gets frosty during the winter you may want to move it indoors for winter during the first season but it should be strong enough to be kept outdoors after that.

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Desert King Fig Tree

The desert king fig tree would be an excellent choice as it is very easy to grow.

The fruit on the desert king fig tree will start to ripen in the middle of summer which means you don’t have to worry about any early frost killing your harvest this season.

This is a small variety of fig tree and you could keep it even smaller with regular pruning.

One of the advantages of this type of fig tree is that it is resistant to disease and pests and that is definitely a good thing as it can be heartbreaking to have a tree wiped out by disease or pests.


  • The desert king fig tree is an excellent tree for beginners as it is easy to make it thrive, even if you neglect it, there is a chance it will continue to thrive.
  • When you receive this tree you should transfer it into its new soil straight away and give it a good drink of water and you should expect to see new growth within a month, depending on the season.
  • If the root system is dried out when you receive this fig tree do not worry about it, simply plant it and give it a good drink of water and it will recover and start to grow healthy.

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White Marseilles Fig Tree

The white Marseilles fig tree will grow into a small shrub-like tree that when fully grown will only be between 4 – 8 feet tall.

This is a very productive variety of fig tree and it should produce lots of figs.

The figs that are produced will be a green variety of figs and when you eat them they will be sweet and delicious tasting.

The figs on this tree will start to ripen in the late summertime and you should be aware when you’re growing this variety of figs that they do not like excessively wet soil although they do like moisture when they have figs on them.


  • Care will be given when packaging this tree so that when it arrives it will be in good condition and the roots should even still be damp.
  • When you plant this tree and give it the proper care it will grow into a healthy fig tree and it will start to grow at a rapid rate son you might want to keep it well pruned to keep it at a manageable size.
  • You may have to re-pot this fig tree as it grows so that it will produce a larger harvest of figs.
  • When you cut open these white Marseilles figs they will be white inside and they will taste absolutely beautiful.

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Texas Everbearing Fig

The Texas everbearing fig tree is a cold-hardy variety of fig Which means it is tolerant of cold temperatures down to about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you purchase this tree during the colder months then it is best to keep it inside before planting it outdoors in the spring.

This fig tree is self-fertile and self-pollinating which means you only need one tree for it to bear fruit or if you have more trees that cross-pollinate each other it will probably produce a lot more figs.


  • When you are growing a texas everbearing fig tree you may have more success if you move it indoors for the winter if you live somewhere that gets a frosty winter.
  • When you successfully grow a fig tree and have it producing tasty figs every year you will probably want to grow more and different varieties of figs.
  • Care is taken when this tree is packaged for postage to make sure it arrives in good condition.
  • If you order your tree during the growing season and plant it in the ground you should notice fresh growth after only a month if you care for it properly.

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Kadota Edible Fig Plant

The Kadota edible fig is one of the best looking fig trees you can find especially when it is covered in the beautiful green figs that it will produce.

This is a very rapid growing fig tree so you will have to give it a pruning every year to keep it the size you want and make it healthy.

This fig tree isn’t really suited to cooler climates and if it is too cool in your area the roots may fail to grow.


  • This Kadota fig plant will be very small when it arrives so you may want to start growing it in a pot until it grows strong enough to thrive in the ground.
  • This plant may be small when it arrives but with proper care, it will grow into a thriving plant that has vigorous growth and should produce plentiful figs after 2 or 3 years.
  • No need to worry when ordering this fig tree via mail order as care is taken when it is packaged so that it will arrive in good condition.

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