What Is A Scarifier For Lawns? Equipment For Lawn Perfection

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So you want to know what a scarifier for lawns is? Quite simply, it is the difference between having a nice lawn and a beautiful lawn that is the envy of your street.

A scarifier is not a quick fix that will make your lawn look beautiful overnight.

Immediately after scarifying your lawn you will probably think oh no what have I done to my lawn it looks like an absolute disaster.

A scarifier is a device that has metal blades in it so that it can rip deep into your lawn. This removes moss, thatching and encourages fresh growth. There are different types of scarifier, motorized ones that look like a lawnmower, hand scarifiers that look similar to a rake. A must-have for a perfect lawn.

When you scarify your lawn it will slice deep into the lawn and rip out the moss and any debris that gathers underneath the grass every time you cut it, this allows nutrients to get down to the deep root system, makes your lawn more drought resistant, improves drainage as well as promoting fresh growth from your grass.

If it is your first time scarifying a lawn then it may actually rip out most of the green which could possibly be mostly moss or clover, this is a good thing because your lawn will benefit in the long run.

It is a good idea to spread some grass seed on the top of your lawn after you have scarified it.

When you do this your lawn should fully recover in 4-6 weeks and you will have a beautiful lawn that is the envy of your street. When you scarify your lawn as part of an annual routine the damage to your lawn will be less severe although it will still take 4-6 weeks to recover.

Manual Lawn Scarifiers

There are different versions of manual scarifiers that will do a good job if you have a small lawn.

You could also use these scarifiers on a large lawn but it is very hard work as you have to rip through any thatching and also through the top layer of roots using brute force, so I would not recommend it unless you enjoy a workout.

You can get a manual scarifier that will look like a roller with sharp blades and you simply push it up and down your lawn and this scarify lines up and down your lawn. There are also manual lawn scarifiers available that look like a garden rake, the difference would be that the edges are rather sharper than a standard rake.

This type of scarifier is the hardest to use as you have to pull it up and down and back and forward across your whole lawn and it does take some strength to use it effectively.

If you don’t want to invest in a scarifier you could actually use a garden rake, the fan style of rake is definitely the best option for this purpose.

When you are raking the grass off your lawn simply push down hard and try and dig into the grass and scrape it along. This method should remove some of the debris, thatching, and moss from under the grass and will have some benefit but it will be nowhere near as effective as using an actual scarifier.

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Motorized Lawn Scarifiers

If you don’t want the hard work of a manual scarifier then one of the many motorized scarifiers is the tool for the job you’re looking for.

Instead of it being an afternoon of hard graft, when you use a motorized scarifier it is a case of simply running it over your lawn in a similar manner to the way you would use a lawnmower.

Some people might think purchasing a lawn scarifier you will probably only use once per year is a bit much but if you want lawn perfection it is an essential piece of equipment.

There is a very wide range of scarifiers available from electric powered models to models that are powered by petrol and there is also a very wide price range from budget models to professional models so you should be able to find one you can afford on a budget if you don’t want to invest a large amount of money.

If you have a ride on lawn mower there are also many lawn scarifier attachments available and this means you will be able to quickly scarify a large lawn.

Owning my own scarifier I think these are essential and it is my Secret Weapon and the quest for lawn perfection, we can keep it as your Secret Weapon or do your friends a favor and let them borrow it so you get more value from your purchase.

How Much Does A Lawn Scarifier Cost?

There is a very wide range of price for scarifiers and this is because there is a very wide range of devices The most suitable scarifier for you will depend largely on the size of your lawn and how much manual labor you might want to put into maintaining your lawn.

You can get a manual scarifier which is like a roller with blades that you roll across your lawn And that would do the job just perfect if you have a small garden and you should be able to find a device like this for under $100.

The next step up is a motorized scarifier and this could easily be mistaken for a lawnmower as that is what it looks like, you should be able to find a decent model in this range for between $100 and $300 for an electric model and a bit more if you want one that is powered by petrol.

Some people might not want to invest this much money for a device that you will probably only use once per year and there are many companies you can rent a scarifier from for a fraction of the purchase price, this may be the best option if you have a massive lawn that requires a high-end scarifier.

Another option would be to use a lawn maintenance company and have them do the work for you with professional equipment.

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What’s The Difference Between A Scarifier And A Dethatcher?

Whilst a scarifying machine and a dethatcher machine do look kind of similar and even they do serve a similar purpose, they are not the same and there is a big difference and what you will achieve by using them.

A dethatching matching machine is basically a big rotating rake so it will rip out thatching and some of the moss that grows within your grass but it will not go deep enough into the ground to leave a big scar into the soil as a scarifier will.

A scarifier uses a rotating type of blade that is designed to rip out moss and debris from under the grass but it will also cut through any thatching in your grass, you can set it to actually rip down into the soil.

The benefit of the scarifying action is that it leaves an open scar down to the soil and this enables water and nutrients to get down to the roots easier and it also encourages fresh growth similar to the way pruning a plant is good for it and sprouts fresh growth.

When you scarify on an annual basis you will end up with a thicker healthier one and that is always a good thing.

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